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25-Year-Old Man Previously Beaten By Mother For Marrying Single Mother Marries 70-Year-Old Granny

A 25-year-old Murehwa man has left his community and country baffled after professing his love for a 70-year-old granny. The two lovebirds claim that their love knows no age despite attacks from the man’s family.

According to Zimcelebs, 25-year-old Dickson had brought a woman older than him previously also as a wife. His mother, who did not approve of him marrying a woman with one child, beat him and chased both Dickson and his then-wife from home.

Murehwa Man Marries 70-Year-Old Granny

This time around, Dickson has chosen to start an affair with this 70-year-old granny with 7 children and numerous grandchildren. When his father threatened him and warned him against dating this granny, Dickson threatened to disown his family and start a new life with his new wife.

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25 year old man marries 70 year old granny in Murehwa
Murehwa man marries 70-year-old granny-Image Source@Facebook[Zimcelebs]

The granny’s family does not approve of her choice of a lover as well and complains that they are embarrassing the family. Her children, at one point, took on Dickson and attacked him. The headman of the village even intervened and warned Dickson to leave the older woman but he refused to listen. However, the attacks only seem to strengthen his resolve to continue dating his older lover as he vowed to die for her.

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Accepting their love and expecting new life

Dickson’s stepmother has since accepted her son’s choice and is living in the same compound with her new daughter-in-law. Zimcelebs reported that the 70-year-old is believed to be pregnant after she missed her period but will confirm when she goes for a checkup at the hospital.

Dickson, who is avoiding confrontation from anyone, refused to speak to the media about his love life and marriage. However, his wife claims that they love each other and all the attacks against them will be left to God.

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