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All the shocking moments from Love Island’s ‘most explosive Movie Night’ as Jess is called ‘evil’ and Wil makes Uma cry

THE Love Island villa was all glitz and glam as the Islanders prepared for the return of the iconic Movie Night.

In Sunday’s episode, the Islanders got their popcorn ready for Love Island Film Festival – but chaos quickly erupted as their secret antics came to light.

Love Island Move Night returned to the villa in Sunday’s episode
Emotions were high as the Islanders got to see their true colours

Earlier that day, Jessy Potts received a text which read: “Islanders, It’s time to get red carpet ready as tonight you’ll take front row seats to the Love Island Film Festival. #UnreelRevelations #SceneItToBelieveIt.”

Decked out in their finest attire, the Islanders stepped out into the garden to discover it had been transformed into an outdoor cinema.

As they took their seats Ciaran Davies confidently declared: “What could possibly go wrong?”

The villa was treated to a series of films, including titles like ‘The Mat-Hil-Da’s Have Eyes’ and ‘Wild Wil West’.

Secrets came out fast as hidden actions were revealed for everyone to see.

From secret Casa Amor snogs to bitchy chats, we take a look at some of the most shocking moments.

Shut your mouth

Joey does not hold back with his hard words toward to Grace

Grace Jackson confronted Joey Essex after watching footage of how he behaved when bombshell Jessy entered the villa.

Joey’s true colours were exposed in the clips, where he claimed disinterest in both Grace and Jessy.

Moments after reassuring Grace of his loyalty, he betrayed her by kissing Jessy on the terrace.

Grace was livid to see how he had lied to both of them, insisting she broke it off because she saw right through him.

When he tried to to hit back that it was him who dumped her, she ended up shouting “Bore off man!”

He retorted “Bore off yourself,” before claiming that his romantic relationship with Grace was completely done before he moved on to Jessy.

He then shouted: “Shut your mouth!”

Not so sweet

Sean stands by what he did

In the clip ‘From Dusk Til Sean’, Matilda Draper was taken aback as Sean Stone flirted with multiple girls in the villa.

Things escalated when he kissed Casa Amor girl Diamanté, with another intimate moment captured later in bed.

He was also seen “enjoying this experience for what it is” calling Diamanté his “priority”. 

After the clip finished, Sean tried to brush it off as “nothing new”, but Matilda hit back, saying he downplayed everything he told her.

“For me, to the boys I made it clear that you were still my priority full stop,” she told him. 

“No, you actually got closed down by Hugo,” Sean swiped, “If he’d have carried on with you, it would’ve been a different story.” 

Matilda then told him that a conversation does not mean hitting on him, and wasn’t the same as kissing other girls. 

Jess the snake

Jess is exposed for talking behind peoples backs

 Love Islands movie night return exposed Jess White for being a “snake”.

In one clip, she was seen telling Sean that Matilda had been exploring connections in Casa Amor – something she denied hours before movie night. 

She was also shown saying savage things about dumped Islander Harriet Blackmore, along with comments about several others. 

Joey vs Blade

Blade gives his thoughts on Joey

Blade Siddiqi was shown making comments about Joey’s intelligence.

While in Casa Amor, the hunk in trunks stated that he thought the former Towie star was not “the sharpest tool in the box”.

Watching the clip, an infuriated Joey, quipped back that he was “street smart”.

Some of the other lads called him out on his loyalty to the boys in the villa.

However, Blade defended himself, admitting: “I wanted to do it” and “I stand by what I did”.

You F***ing loser

Uma learns about Wil’s antics

Uma Jammeh was left heartbroken after she was shown clips of Wil Anderson in Casa Amor with Lucy.

In one of the clips, Wil told Lucy that his type was “petite blondes” – the opposite of Uma. 

He also asked Lucy to stay in his bed, contradicting the story he had told Uma upon her return from Casa Amor.

A tearful Uma is shown crying as she tells Wil: “You f****** embarrassed me, and you embarrassed yourself, you f****** loser.”

Initial Attraction

Ayo is confronted by Mimii

Mimii Ngulube was left gobsmacked after seeing clips of what Ayo Odukoya really thinks of her.

A clip showed him telling the boys there was more of an “initial attraction” towards Casa Amor’s Jess Spencer than Mimii.

After the footage was shown, Mimii looked fuming as she believed Ayo fed her a bunch of lies while they were getting to know each other.

Jess then told Ayp that she didn’t think he was being very compassionate about the whole situation.

Ayo is then seen talking to Mimii about initial attraction, to which she snaps back: “It’s not about initial attraction, it’s about respect.”

Shock dumping

Ellie and Trey were dumped from the villa

After movie night, the Islanders were told to retake their seats in front of the screen.

In a shocking twist, they were told: “The public have been voting for the most compatible couple.”

And just like that, Trey Norman and Ellie Jackson were both given their marching orders after they recieved the lowest number of votes as most compatible couple.

The fallout from Movie Night continues on Love Island on Monday from 9pm.

Love Island series 11 – feuds in the villa

No edition of Love Island is complete without its fair share of drama – and series 11 is no different. Here’s a look at some of the most fiery feuds so far.

  • Joey Essex & Samantha Kenny: Samantha entered the villa on Day 1 and was initially coupled with Sam Taylor. However, Samantha was ‘stolen’ by Joey, the first bombshell of series 11. She was ‘dumped’ on Day 16 – with the make-up artist saying she had been brutally snubbed by Joey in the villa – although it never made it to air.
  • Matilda Draper & Jess White: While Matilda arrived as a bombshell on Day 12, Jess was part of the original line-up. The two clashed in Casa Amor, over Jess’ frustration that Matilda was talking to new hunk Hugo Godfroy – who Jess previously snogged.
  • Harriet Blackmore & Jess White: The two women were caught up in a love triangle for much of their time on the programme. The pair were fighting over Ronnie Vint, 27, from Greenwich, who wound up being dumped alongside Harriett.

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