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America’s largest water park has 51 slides & 80 family-friendly attractions – but you have only weeks left to visit

WISCONSIN Dells, often called the Water Park Capital of the World, boasts an impressive collection of water resorts that attract tourists from all over.

With 28 waterparks and more than 200 waterslides, the city has become synonymous with aquatic fun and adventure.

Noah’s Ark Waterpark

Raja, an intense-level snake-themed waterslide at Noah’s Ark[/caption]

Noah’s Ark Waterpark

One of the most intense water slides in the country, the Black Anaconda will leave your head spinning and coming back for more[/caption]

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Visit the largest water park in the country this summer, which has over 50 water slides & 80 incredible attractions[/caption]

And this year, it is all about riding Noah’s Ark.

“You haven’t done the Dells until you’ve spent a day at Noah’s Ark,” the water park’s website says.

Named the 2024 Best Outdoor Waterpark in Newsweek’s Reader’s Choice Awards, this park has over 70 acres of attractions to visit, including numerous extreme water slides with loops, a lazy river, and a log flume ride.

At that size, it also makes Noah’s Ark the largest outdoor water park in America.

But the park is only open daily until September 2, so time is already running out to plan your visit.

The park’s operating hours vary slightly, so be sure to double-check the website before you book your tickets.

Make sure to check out the park’s most famous and intense attractions, including the Black Anaconda, Time Warp, Scorpion’s Tail, and Raja waterslides.

“The food’s great, the drinks are cold, and good times go all day long,” according to the park’s website.

Guests can also save hundreds of dollars with discounted season passes, group discounts, and even “eat free” admission and meal packs.

But there are other water park options in the area as well.

Other resorts in the area, such as the Wilderness Resort, are America’s largest indoor-outdoor combination water park.

This park features a 180-foot-long body slide, bumper boats, a wave pool, a spa, and even a full-blown golf course.

Another hotspot just steps away is Kalahari Resort, Wisconsin’s largest indoor water park.

This indoor park boasts a 250-foot-long slide, a wave simulator for indoor bodyboarding and surfing, and one-of-a-kind lessons that teach children and adults how to swim like a shark or a mermaid.

“Today we still have more water parks here of every size per capita than anywhere else on the planet,” Rhonda Parchem, the director of marketing and communications at the Wisconsin Dells Visitor and Convention Bureau told local news station Wisconsin Public Radio.

About Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark is the largest water park in the United States, featuring 51 water slides, and over 80 attractions.

Located in the village of Lake Delton, Wisconsin, otherwise known as the “Wisconsin Dells.”

In 1979, the Waterman family purchased the land where the park is located, and created a bumper boat ride and built a go-kart track. The park opened as “Noah’s Incredible Adventure.”

By 1994, the Gantz family purchased the park from the Watermans and added the “OctoExplorer”, a yellow submarine with a moving periscope, water guns, and soft-surfaced waterslides.

The park celebrated 25 years of business in 2003.

In 2012, Palace Entertainment purchased the park from the Gantz family.


Tourism in Wisconsin Dells dates back to the 1870s, initially driven by scenic riverboat tours.

In 1871, the first steamboat tour came to the Dells, showcasing its natural beauty and unique rock formations.

However, it wasn’t until a century later that the city took its first steps toward becoming a water park mecca, opening its first slide.

This first waterslide in Wisconsin Dells opened in the late 1970s, and by 1989, the Polynesian Water Park Resort had established itself as the city’s first indoor water park, paving the way for year-round aquatic attractions.

“The fact that we could offer an option to swim, splash, slide down waterslides all year long in Wisconsin was a real game changer,” Parchem said.

“As more and more waterparks were developed, that really gave us a point of differentiation to other Midwest destinations,” she continued.

Every year, the Dells sees roughly 4 million people visiting from all across the country, according to the Wisconsin Dells Visitor and Convention Bureau.

Noah’s Ark’s Rides and Attractions

Here is a list of rides and attractions from the world’s largest water park:


  • Toucan Twister (1985) – 5 twisting bodyslides. Previously named Slidewinder (1985–2017)
  • The Bermuda Triangle (1988) – Three tube slides
  • Monkey Rapids (1989) – Three tube slides that empty into Adventure River. Previously named Bahama Falls (1989–2017)
  • Congo Bongo (1991) – Family raft ride with turns
  • Kowabunga (1993) – Family raft speed slides that go down without turns.
  • Flying Gecko (1995) – Family raft ride in the dark. Previously named Dark Voyage (1995–2017)
  • Black Thunder (1997) – Two-person or single tube slides in the dark.
  • Point of No Return (2001) – 10-story-tall speedslide that takes riders three to five seconds to descend. However, one of the slides was taken down and replaced with Scorpion’s Tail.
  • Sting Ray (2002) – Two large halfpipes
  • Black Anaconda (2005) – America’s third longest watercoaster.
  • Time Warp (2006) – The world’s largest bowl ride. It is a clone of the former Disco H2O at Wet n Wild (which closed in 2016).
  • Scorpion’s Tail (2010) – America’s first upside-down looping body slide that drops riders down a drop from a trap door in a capsule into an almost inverted loop.
  • Quadzilla (2012) – Four braided head-first slides.
  • Raja (2018) – World’s largest King Cobra dual slide.

Wave pools:

  • The Wave (1987) – Wave pool
  • Big Kahuna (1989) – Large wave pool, once the largest wave pool in Wisconsin Dells, now eclipsed by Mt. Olympus’s Surf Pool

Lazy Rivers:

  • Endless River (1985) – Simple Lazy River
  • Adventure River (1989)

Other Attractions:

  • Paradise Lagoon (1984) – An activity pool featuring slides and zip-lines
  • OctoExplorer (1994) – Children’s play area
  • Flash Flood (1999) – Hopkins Rides Shoot the Chute. One 20-passenger boat that descends a 50-foot (15 m) drop into a large pool; includes a bridge observation area which gets hit by the subsequent wall of water.
  • Noah’s 4-D Dive-In Theater (2007) – Midwest’s Largest 4-D Theater featuring the movie Rio’4-D Summer 2014
  • Tadpole Bay Kiddie Kingdom (2008) – Children’s play area featuring Noah’s Ark theme, 4 kiddie waterslides, over 50 water features, and an 800-gallon bucket dump.
  • Surfing Safari (2013) – FlowRider stationary surf attraction.

Former attractions:

  • Bumper Boats (1979) – First Attraction Built At Noah’s Ark Taken out in 2018, replaced by Raja.
  • Jungle Rapids (1980) – Tube mat slides. (The park’s oldest water attraction) Mostly closed as of the 2012 season. Two of the four highest slides remained open for the 2012 season but for 2013 the entire complex was demolished, replaced by Surfing Safari.
  • Miniature Golf (1980) – 18 holes. Reopened in the 2019 season.
  • Thunder Rapids (1982) – Three interweaving hillside concrete waterslides that were later replaced by Black Anaconda.
  • Tank Tag (1989) – a game where participants shoot tennis balls at targets for points from stationary guns, and mobile tanks. Later taken down and replaced with the Sting Ray.
  • Noah’s Incredible Adventure (2003) – A high-capacity, dry amusement ride which involved a large “Mystery Swing” and special visual effects to recreate a journey on Noah’s famous ark. It was replaced by Curse of the Crypt in the same building in 2009.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants 4-D (2007) – featured at Noah’s Dive-In Theater from 2007 to 2011. Was replaced with Pirates 4-D. Pirates 4-D was replaced by “Ice Age 4-D” in 2015. In 2017 the ride was made into “The LEGO Movie The 4-D Experience”.
  • The Plunge (1984) – two belly-down, face-first racing mat slides. Replaced by Quadzilla in 2012.
  • Go Gator Kiddie roller coaster. Closed in 2012
  • Curse of the Crypt (2009) – Closed in 2012. Still standing but does not appear on park maps. (Visitors at the park may recall a sign located near the ride stating ‘Closed For Renovations’)

Source: Kiddle

The bureau estimates they made about $857 million from money spent by visitors in 2020, down nearly 30% from the year before, mostly spent on lodging and food.

The company blames this steep decline on the pandemic, as the region started struggling with a drop in tourism starting in March 2020.

The area’s tourism industry supports roughly 12,600 jobs and rakes in about $31 million in state taxes and another $45 million in local taxes.

“For me, it’s the nature, it’s the river, it’s the history,” Kristen Day, who grew up going to the park with her family, told Wisconsin Public Radio.

Noah’s Ark Waterpark

Noah’s Ark is located in the Wisconsin Dells, often referred to as the Water Park Capital of the World[/caption]

Facebook/Noah’s Ark Waterpark

Tickets can purchased at NoahsArkWaterPark.com[/caption]

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