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Everyone sees the pile of leaves – but you’ve got 20/20 vision and high IQ if you spot the cat in 10 seconds

A PILE of leaves has stacked up as they started to fall off the trees and a kitten scruffled itself up within them.

The kitten perfectly camouflages with the color of the leaves making them tricky to spot, but it’s an adorable surprise once you do. 


Can you find the hidden cat in the leaves?[/caption]

To pass the illusion test you must find the kitten in just 10 seconds.

If you can quickly find the kitten in the pile of leaves then you have amazing vision.

Your eyes could be scoring at an impressive 20/20. 

This real-life illusion has left tons of people stumped.

It was shared by a user on X, There is no cat in this image, (@thereisnocat_). 

Multiple people commented on how much they enjoyed trying to find the kitty, even though it’s a tough one.

“That was a good one,” one person said. 

“If he blinked, I’d never have found him,” another user replied.

“This was a fun one. Would make a good wall poster,” a third person said. 

The first time you look at the image, you probably wouldn’t even guess there was a cat.

Were you able to find the kitty? 

If not, here is a clue. 

You may be able to get a better glimpse if you try to look for the cat’s yellow eyes.

The cat’s yellow eyes stand out from the other grey and black shades in the image. 

Benefits of brainteasers and optical illusions

Researchers have developed many tests to show how various brain regions react to brainteasers and optical illusions. There are many benefits.

  • They are not only entertaining, but they also shed light on how our brains interpret visual data.
  • By giving your brain a little workout regularly, you enhance your ability to focus and observe details.
  • Studies have shown people who regularly challenge themselves with optical illusions and puzzles see big improvements in their problem-solving skills, concentration, and attention.
  • Improved concentration and attention span can help prevent cognitive decline in old age.
  • Optical illusions can improve eyesight by allowing you to see small print.

Scanning the image from side to side can also help you. 

Try to focus and don’t give up yet.

The cat looks to be having fun in the leaves and you should enjoy this challenge for your brain!

Hopefully, you were able to spot the hidden kitty. 

The answer has been circled below.

Are you looking to continue testing your brain? Scroll down for another illusion.


The hidden cat is circled[/caption]


You can see its little face poking through[/caption]

In this next illusion, you will also try to locate a hidden cat.

The cat found a perfect hiding spot in the kitchen.

It is almost impossible to spot the cat at first glance.

Take a look at the image below.

Can you find the hidden cat in this second image?

The cat got creative when it nuzzled itself into this area.

You may even become convinced there is no feline, but look closely and you’ll be shocked when you find it.

The answer is circled below.

The second hidden cat is circled

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