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I left full cart at Walmart over checkout policy – ‘that’s their job’ but I’m seeing employees just ‘watch people shop’

ONE WALMART customer found himself disappointed with the retailer’s self-checkout policy.

The shopper shared his grievances on Facebook.

The Walmart customer was disappointed with the checkout policy

John Ballard’s recent experience at Walmart has disappointed the shopper.

In a Facebook post, Ballard recounted his frustration after encountering difficulties at the checkout while shopping for groceries and birthday presents for his nephew.

He expressed dismay over the lack of open checkout lanes.

Ballard was also annoyed with the store’s refusal to allow him to load and scan his items for them to bag.

“I’m p****d I’m not going to scan and bag a whole buggy of food and stuff that’s their job.

“I do my job most of the time 7 days a week.

“When I go shopping I expect them to do their job those lines are for small purchases,” he said.

Ballard also added, “Apparently [sic] all Walmart employees do is watch people shop if that’s the case they need to lower their prices.”


In another recent incident at Walmart that has sparked significant online discussion, a shopper was left frustrated after allegedly finding all self-checkout lanes closed, leading to a lengthy wait in line for a cashier.

The incident, chronicled in a viral TikTok video by user @1breyonce, highlights changes in the retail giant’s checkout policies that have left many customers perplexed.

According to the TikTok video, which has garnered over 800,000 views and 85,000 likes, the shopper arrived at the self-checkout area only to discover that all machines were reportedly reserved exclusively for Walmart+ members.

“I saw all the self-checkouts were closed and approached an employee to ask about the changes,” @1breyonce recounted in her video.

“They’re trying to do that to promote you guys to download the app and get the membership,” the employee allegedly explained.

Expressing her dismay, @1breyonce criticized the policy shift, suggesting that Walmart’s decision was motivated by financial considerations.

How to sign up to Walmart+

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Here’s how to sign up to Walmart+:

  1. Head to the Walmart website.
  2. Select ‘Account’ and then ‘Walmart+’.
  3. Click ‘Start free 30-day trial’.
  4. Enter your information.
  5. Enjoy the trial and benefits.

Remember to cancel before the 30 days are up, or pay $12.95 per month (which you can cancel at any time) or $98 for the annual plan if you want to keep it.

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“Now that [Walmart isn’t] making any money off [self-checkout machines], they said f**k that, download this app and become a member for $5 a month,” she remarked in her video.

“I go all the way out of my way to avoid Walmart,” one person commented on the video.

“I gladly pay more to buy things at the grocery store or Amazon.” 

“Ridiculous! They also started locking everything behind glass like $10 necklaces or hair dye, but never can find an employee that can open the glass cases so you can purchase it,” another angry shopper wrote.

Meanwhile, another customer has a “bone to pick” with Walmart’s checkout policy.

And fourth Walmart customer reported receiving produce and products in their pick-up order that appeared to be damaged and looked like they came from a trash bin.

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