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I made my man curl my hair whilst I gave birth – trolls slam me for it but I had to look my best when my baby came out

A WOMAN has revealed that she made her man curl her hair whilst she gave birth. 

Annabell Newman, a content creator from London who is living in Dubai, left people open-mouthed when she explained that she wanted to look good whilst she gave birth to her child. 

An influencer has revealed that she gave her husband one job whilst she was giving birth – to make sure her hair looked good
As a result, Annabell Newman, made her hubby, Joey Aquilina, curl her hair, as she shared her wish to look good for her after-birth snaps

Posting on social media, the influencer shared a short clip from a hospital bed, as she held her bump, preparing for labour.

In the video, we then saw Joey Aquilina, Annabell’s husband, using a pair of straighteners to attempt to curl her hair.

The content creator, who has over 361,000 followers on TikTok, and was wearing a hospital gown in the clip, then penned: “When you give your husband one job for the birth…

“Make sure your hair looks nice.”

Annabell claimed that she always wants her hair to be on fleek, regardless of where she is or what she’s doing.

She added: “Hair will be in check even in labour. He did his best, bless him!”

Not only this, but Annabell, who also had a full face of make-up and her nails done for the occasion, claimed that she wanted to look good so that she could get cute photos with her newborn.

She continued: “Got to think of the after pictures with the baby!”

But despite this, the mother, who since gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Oakley Ray, confirmed that things didn’t go quite as smoothly (or as stylish) as she had hoped.

The savvy mum concluded: “In reality, my hair was actually in a pineapple most of the time!” 


The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @annabell_newman, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it was shared just three days ago, but has quickly amassed 304,00 views.

But social media users were left divided by the clip – whilst some praised the “stylish” mother, others slammed her.

It’s sad how much importance society puts on women’s appearance

TikTok user

One user beamed: “Such a stylish mamma… How you stayed so put together I will never know!”

Whilst a second chimed in: “I love this.” 

However, at the same time, someone else said: “If I was pushing a baby out of my body my hair or make-up would be the last thing on my mind tbh.”

To this, Annabell replied and wrote: “It’s coming out either way. Might as well look nice.” 

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Meanwhile, another asked: “Seriously??” 

One user commented: “It’s sad how much importance society puts on women’s appearance.” 

And someone else added: “Lady, you’re ridiculous.” 

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