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I paid $30 for parking to watch game but was horrified but what I came back to – somebody needs to hire security

DRIVERS are complaining after alleged thieves smashed car windows in an apparent attempted robbery.

After spending $30 for a few hours of parking, multiple vehicle owners reported the damage after leaving their cars for a baseball game.

Action News 5

Drivers said they paid $30 to park near a baseball game[/caption]

Action News 5

A driver found his pickup truck with a smashed window[/caption]

Memphis Police responded to the string of vehicle break-ins at a parking lot near Auto Zone Park, according to local NBC affiliate WMC.

The baseball park was open for a game and fireworks during Independence Day celebrations.

But the mood became much less celebratory after attendants started getting a string of cautionary text messages.

Sabin Ross said he received a text from a friend saying multiple cars were broken into in downtown Memphis.

He ran out to his pickup truck.

“Then we saw people at the end where we were parked. They were out looking at their truck and my truck was right next to theirs,” he told the station.

“And they knew we were going there, and they said they got y’all too.”

Ross said he found the back passenger seat window was destroyed.

Beyond the vehicle repairs, Ross said the window-breakers didn’t make off with anything important from his truck.

He says the alleged thieves only took a single dollar bill from the cab.

But other drivers said they’re feeling the ripple affects of consistent vehicle break-ins around town.

“Not very safe,” Jade Pryor, another driver in the area, told the station.

Pryor added that she hopes there would be more security in parking areas.

“I feel like by the time somebody would have been broken into my car, busted my windows out, went through my car or stole my car,” she added.

How to prevent vehicle theft

Here are 10 ways to avoid your car being stolen according to an auto insurance company:

  1. Lock your doors. It makes it more difficult for thieves to access anything inside the vehicle.
  2. Keep your keys on your person. With smart keys and fobs, a car can be unlocked if the key is close by. If the key is inside or on your person, it can’t be unlocked.
  3. Don’t leave a spare key near the vehicle, as thieves know to look for them in common places like in a wheel well, under items in the driveway, or in the glovebox.
  4. Keep windows closed. If a window is open, thieves can manually unlock the doors.
  5. Park in well-lit areas, as it helps detour thieves if their actions are visible to passersby.
  6. If your vehicle doesn’t have one, consider an anti-theft alarm system.
  7. If you live in a high-crime area, consider an immobilizer device that utilizes a kill switch if the device doesn’t recognize an authorized key.
  8. Consider a tracking device to be able to keep tabs on your vehicle’s location if it’s stolen.
  9. Never leave valuables in the car, especially in a visible spot. Thieves know to look in the floor boards, passenger, or rear seats for valuables.
  10. Double-check before leaving the vehicle that it’s secure.

Source: Allstate Auto Insurance

Police in the area have ramped up their nightly watch to help combat the increasing motor vehicle crimes.

Pryor said she felt at ease with the increased police surveillance.

However, state laws and social media trends have increased crimes faster than law enforcement can keep up, she worried.

“I feel like they are trying their best to keep us safe as much as possible but it’s hard with the young people and the gun laws that they have changed,” Pryor told the station.

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