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I’m a 47-year-old makeup junkie – I swapped eye products so I don’t look like the crypt keeper & I love a $3 mascara

AN experienced makeup fan has shared her go-to technique and tips for a youthful look.

She explained that changes to her eye makeup were the key to maintaining a fresh vibe.


A 47-year-old woman shared her updated makeup routine for a youthful look (stock photo)[/caption]

Redditor Spicysnarf shared the beauty tips in a post.

As she aged, she realized that liquid eyeliner no longer suited her.

“Forty-seven year old makeup junkie here. Liquid eyeliner or cat’s eyeliner, even a little flick looks wonky,” she said.

“I have switched over to just using a long-wear pencil to line the upper water line and smudge a little into the lash line.

“Looks fantastic even though it’s a pain in the butt to get off at the end of the day.”

She explained that her go-to eyeliner is currently a Mac twist-up liner.

“Tarte makes a better waterline liner, but it’s so expensive for the minimal product to get, although it does not smudge at all,’ she added.

“I hear Urban Decay’s twist-up also works well, but I have not tried it.”

She revealed she’s ditched concealer and darker eyeshadows for brighter ones.

“While I own a massive collection of eyeshadow palettes, anything dark makes me look like the crypt keeper, so neutrals and lighter pops of color are the best bet now for looking youthful,” she said.

One step, however, is a “can’t skip” that makes a huge difference in her look.

“Mascara is a must! I use the Mac Gigablack Extended Play, and it’s fantastic, but I’m getting tired of the price point,” she said.

Luckily for the budget-minded beauty fan, she found a cheap dupe that worked just as well as the $28 buy.

Wet N Wild Beauty

She made the switch from a luxury mascara to Wet n Wild’s $3 Mega Length mascara[/caption]

“Wet n Wild actually makes a really, really good mascara for three bucks,” she said.

She revealed that her go-to is “the one in the light purple tube,” or Wet n Wild’s $3 Mega Length Mascara.

“[There is] almost no difference from Gigablack except for the brush,” she said.

Other staples in her reformatted routine include highlighter, blush, and lipstick.

“I can still use pretty much any blush, but spending on better quality highlighters is a must,” she said.

“Anything that accentuates texture is out the door. Hourglass and Kevin Aquion make some super finely milled powders that look stunning.”

“I probably alone kept Lipstick Queen in business and own so many of their shades, but it’s ridiculous,” she added.

“I can still wear some darker lip colors, but my lips have definitely lost volume over the years, so dark colors have to be creamy to fill in the texture.

“Lip liner is out of the question because it takes forever to get it to look nice, and then it just disappears two hours later.

“Not worth the effort, so creamy lipsticks, tinted balms, and lip glosses with no frost are the way to go.”

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