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I’m a dermatologist and tried dozens of ‘cures’ for hair loss after getting a bald patch – one costs less than a fiver

Losing your hair is an experience nobody enjoys.

And while there are hundreds of cures online, it’s hard to know which ones really work.

Dr. Neera revealed how she fixed her bald patch with a £5 buy

Thankfully a dermatologist who graduated from Harvard has revealed what worked for her.

Dr. Neera revealed she started to lose her hair and showed a picture of the bald spot on her scalp.

But the skin expert said she was able to fix it herself after trying a whole host of cures she had heard about.

“I’m a dermatologist with hair loss. Here’s what works,” she said.

In the clip, Dr. Neera shared 14 methods she tried to grow her back… and there were only a few that worked.

Listing them off, she revealed that Nioxin Shampoo, high-potency biotin, collagen supplements and washing her hair once a week weren’t methods that worked for her.

Fortunately she found some methods that did help her bald spot grow back.

These included Ketoconazole shampoo, PRP injections (used for sports injuries), Dermaroller, pumpkin seed oil supplements, laser, spironolactone and low-dose oral minoxidil.

While most of us have never heard of those methods, there were two other simple ways Dr. Neera got rid of her hair loss.

She said that regularly washing her hair made the scalp healthy and clean enough to grow.

But she also recommended taking Vitamin D supplements as well, which you can nab for just £4 in Boots.

The video posted to her TikTok account @dermatologysurgeon has since gone viral with over 115k views and 4,800 likes.

People were quick to take to the comments to share their experiences.

One person wrote: “Everything you crossed out literally is what saved my hair loss.”

Does Vitamin D really work?

Many studies have proven that a Vitamin D deficiency can result in hair loss. One study showed Vitamin D is involved in various signalling pathways of growth and differentiation of hair follicles. 

However, not all hair loss is caused by this and therefore, taking Vitamin D may not cure your hair loss.

Other ‘cures’ that are worth trying include;

Rosemary oil as it improves circulation and nerve growth.

Dermarolling uses small needle penetration to create minor skin micro-injuries that initiate the body’s innate healing process. This, in turn, enhances blood circulation in the targeted region, promoting an improved growth of hair due to a better blood flow.

Of course, if you notice significant hair loss you should talk to your GP.

“Hey If it worked for you then that’s great,” replied the doctor, proving different ‘cures’ work for different people.

Another commented: “Thank you for sharing your journey.”

“Onion hair oil should definitely be on the list,” penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: “What can you do about the grey hairs?”

Someone else added: “But my hair is not getting greasy.. Why should I wash them so often?”

“It helps keep the scalp balanced and clean which supports hair growth,” replied Dr. Neera.

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She shared a list of what cures really worked for her and which didn’t[/caption]

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