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I’m a gardener – how maximise a small outdoor space in six simple steps, including the £1 which will instantly help

WHETHER you enjoy living in the city or the quiet countryside, many Brits have small outdoor spaces.

But just because your garden is small doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it, you may just need to get a bit creative.


There are clever tricks if you want to make your smaller garden feel bigger[/caption]

It seems people are hunting for ideas on how to make the most of their space, as Pinterest searches for ‘small balcony décor’ have risen by 40 per cent.

Meanwhile, ‘small garden’ searches have grown by 20 per cent in the past month.

So, for those with a small garden, yard or balcony, Lucy Rhead, Gardening Enthusiast at Gtech has shared six ways you can open up your space…

1. Think vertically, not horizontally 

If you lack the square footage to fit colourful plants and flowers, use the height of the garden to your advantage with vertical planters. 

Placed against a garden wall or balcony partition, vertical planters work exactly how they sound: you plant upwards rather than in a garden bed. 

These non-permanent fixtures can easily be moved, making them ideal for renters.  

While vertical planters are available to buy, you can save money by turning an old palette into a makeshift planter. 

Hang boxes, secure pots, and then customise your homemade planter with paint or varnish to match the style of your garden.  

2. Light up the space

Of course, with the warmer weather, you want to enjoy your outdoor space well into the evening, whether you’re relaxing alone or hosting friends.

Which is why choosing the right lighting is super important. 

Softer lighting can help diffuse harsh shadows and create a warmer vibe. 

To achieve this, hang fairy lights along hedges, around trees or even over garden furniture to create a charming ambience. 

If you are working with a balcony, then you can wrap a string of lights around your railing.

If you don’t have access to an outdoor power socket or want to save energy, opt for solar-powered outdoor lights which will recharge each day.


You should think vertically to make the most of your garden’s height[/caption]

3. Try your hand at container planting

While you may not have acres of space for a lawn or beds of flowers, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate greenery into your outdoor area.

You can use pots and containers of various sizes to grow a variety of plants, flowers and even herbs in your space.

These containers can also be moved around easily, allowing you to rearrange your space as needed, creating a truly flexible space. 

Another great benefit of having your plants in pots is that you can easily shelter the plants or bring them indoors during harsh weather.

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4. Opt for multi-functional furniture

When working with smaller spaces, you have to get creative with furniture.

For example, opting for pieces of furniture with storage inside will provide seating while also offering a place to store gardening tools, cushions, or other outdoor items – keeping your space clutter-free.

Foldable tables and chairs are another great option, as you can store them away when the space is needed for other activities.


Mirrors are cheap and can instantly make your garden feel bigger[/caption]

5. Experiment with mirrors

Just as the use of mirrors inside can create an illusion of more space, they can have the same effect in your outdoor areas.

When used outdoors, mirrors can reflect light and greenery, making the area feel more open and airy. Opt for mirrors with decorative frames that complement your garden’s aesthetic, you can find outdoor-specific ones that are more durable and weather-resistant.

Or to do this more subtly, use planters made from reflective materials like stainless steel or glossy ceramics. 

These can catch and reflect light, adding a shimmering effect to your garden.

6. Use your grass to create more space

If you are lucky enough to have grass, but only a small outdoor space, it’s very important you maintain it to a good standard so you can make the most of the space your garden has to offer.

Cutting your grass to a shorter length is one of the best ways to create the illusion of having a larger garden, along with mowing in a diagonal pattern to give your garden more depth.

If you want to mow a smaller garden, using a small lawn mower will give you more versatility and have the added bonus of being much easier to store away.

So there you go, six simple ways to expand your small outside space.

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