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I’m a mum-of-12 & want more kids but having my womb removed – now I can fool about with men without having to stress

A SINGLE mum of 12 has revealed that she has been “forced” to stop having children, despite wanting to increase the size of her bood even more.

Veronica Merritt often hits the headlines with her large family, who she previously revealed have to live on just soup, as they can’t afford any other food.

Jam Press/@thismadmama

Veronica has 12 children[/caption]

Jam Press/@thismadmama

She revealed that she has got to have surgery to remove her uterus[/caption]

Jam Press/@thismadmama

Veronica had wanted to grow her family even more[/caption]

In a recent video, posted online, the 39-year-old made a wish list for her child with cancer, hoping that kind-hearted people would be willing to donate.

However, the post was flooded with hateful comments from trolls, accusing the mum of begging.

Veronica, who previously admitted to colour coding her kids to be able to tell them apart, had planned to grow her family even larger, but, after doctors discovered a worrying mass on her uterus, was told that it would have to be removed.

She told NeedToKnow: “I discovered [the growth] a few months ago and it cannot be safely removed without taking out my whole uterus.

“If I keep it, I could potentially still get pregnant, but the fibroid is so large that it would almost certainly cause a miscarriage.

“I absolutely do not want this.

“If I want more kids, I’ll have to use a surrogate or adopt.”

Veronica, from New York USA, is hoping to have the surgery by the end of July, after it was delayed twice due to her falling ill.

She said that she is scared of the surgery, but is more terrified about the prospect of not having any more kids.

She said: “Now, I’ll never be able to meet someone who loves me and have children with them.

“On the other hand, I can meet someone and fool around as much as I want without the risk of pregnancy.”

Following her health scare, Veronica has revealed that she is started to put herself first.

She said that she initially felt guilty about this, but is determined to “finally” start living life.

She added: “Lately, I’ve been a little selfish.

Veronica’s children and their ages

Victoria – 24

Andrew – 19

Adam – 17

Mara – 16

Dash – 15

Darla – 13

Marvelous – 11

Martalya – 9

Amelia –7

Delilah – 6

Donovan – 4

Modi – 2

“I’m trying to do more without the kids, which sounds awful, I know, it’s just that I’ve felt like a prisoner for a long time.

“I’m free to have friends and a social life now, which I want for myself.

“I’ve had so many problems with my health, where I almost died from a kidney infection, blood clots and a pulmonary embolism.

“It’s hard balancing my time with the kids and time for myself, it’s pretty overwhelming at times.

“I just want the chance to live a little.”

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