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I’m super sweaty but have been told multiple times that I always smell good – my routine includes a freebie trick

GET a whiff of one beauty lover’s trick for smelling good while saving money.

She wanted to pass on her tips which didn’t all involve pricey perfumes.


Smelling sweeter is now easier and cheaper than ever thanks to a pro tip from a beauty lover who enjoys saving money (stock image)[/caption]


Redditor Bubbly_Vermicelli_88 wasn’t even aware that others were noticing her fragrant odor.

“Honestly, I’ve been told multiple times that I always smell good, which came as a shock to me!” she said.

“I am super sweaty and with chronic pain will go a day or two without showering at times,” she continued.

Her biggest pro tip left her smelling sweet while keeping her wallet happy.

“Always make Sephora purchases online,” she said.

“During checkout, you can select free samples and always choose the perfume samples!” she added.

“They are great to have in your car, purse/backpack, or even keep at work if possible.”

To get even more goodies, Sephora offers a beauty rewards program with three tiers, including Insider, VIB, and Rouge.

Perks include free shipping, a yearly birthday gift, and access to savings events.


While she stays away from scented lotions due to having sensitive skin, she is a fan of Aveeno brand lotions.

She always makes sure to apply their Tone and Texture Cream which is on sale for $13.99 on Amazon.

And that’s not all she attributed her sweet aroma to.

“I always have deodorant on hand – lightly sweet-scented – let the perfume steal the show,” she said.

She also doesn’t leave her hair out of the smell-good equation.

“Use scented hair products – which will last more than a day for unwashed hair,” she said.


She also incorporates an affordable Aveeno Tone and Texture Cream into her sweet-smelling routine[/caption]

“I love Moroccan oil heat protectant and invest in designer/expensive perfumes/colognes to spray on your hair, crotch, and neck.”


Her favorite splurge purchases include Coffee Break by Replica, Her Eau de Parfum by Burberry, and a Scotch scent from Winners.

Some people shared their own tips for smelling fresh.

“This will sound odd but wear cotton garments. Invest in breathable clothes and skip the polyester,” said one user.

“Obviously do the basic hygiene stuff but some people don’t realize the trap of polyester until too late,” they continued.

“Layer your scents. Start from the shower, make sure your canvas is clean, body wash, body scrub, body oil,” said another Redditor.

Then moisturizing – adding some oils into your moisturizer with a spritz of your favorite perfume. Nice-smelling hair products definitely play a part too,” they added.

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