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‘It’s disgusting’ admits Erin Andrews after watching video of herself in Taylor Swift VIP tent and during Fox interviews

FOX NFL reporter Erin Andrews has revealed her annoyance with herself at what she calls a “disgusting” habit.

Andrews is a familiar and popular face and voice to viewers, reporting on some of the biggest games throughout the NFL season.

Andrews made the comments on her podcast to a shocked Thompson
Andrews is a popular face and voice on Fox

But appearing on her Calm Down podcast with Charissa Thompson, she admits to the “habit” of “chomping” her gum like a cow.

She also admitted that her husband, former NHL star Jarret Stoll, has pointed the habit out to her.

And she particularly noticed it when watching videos of her in the VIP tent at a Taylor Swift concert.

“Jarrett was right, I chomp my gum,” she said.

“I saw videos of us in that VIP tent. I am a f*****g cow,” she said.

“I am gnawing on my gum. It’s disgusting.

“And do you know what I’m going to say it comes from.

“I’ve seen video of me on the field talking to athletes and I’m like, mah mah.

“Like, girl. Moo moo. Spit it out.”

Thompson looks stunned during these comments and can barely contain her laughter.

Andrews always wanted to be a female sportscaster when growing up.

She rose to prominence on ESPN, where she worked from 2004 to 2012.

She joined Fox and has become of one of the most recognisable faces covering the sport.

Andrews recently showed her appreciation for Swift and boyfriend Travis Kelce by wearing a custom jacket at an Eras Tour concert at Wembley Stadium in London.

Andrews and Thompson were at the concert together, and met up with Swift’s boyfriend, Kansas City chiefs star Travis Kelce.

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The broadcaster shared a picture of herself wearing a designer blue denim jacket from her Wear by Erin Andrews fashion line.

On the back, the jacket says “I’d be the man” and “NFL” in big lettering, while there is also the NFL crest and other logos inspired by Swift and Kelce.

“In our WEAR Era,” a social media caption read.

The relationship between Kelce and Swift has dominated the headlines recently.

Swift attended a number of NFL games Kelce played in last season.

That included February’s Super Bowl in Las Vegas, when Kelce helped the Chiefs to beat the San Francisco 49ers.

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