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Jordan Pickford’s teacher reveals school nickname and says he was ‘one of those boys who went to front of dinner queue’

JORDAN PICKFORD was always hungry for success and never lacked confidence, his former teacher revealed.

The England stopper was once again a penalty shootout hero against Switzerland after saving Manuel Akanji’s spot-kick.


Jordan Pickford was the shootout hero against Switzerland[/caption]

His outfield team-mates scored all five from 12 yards to send England into the Euro 2024 semi-final against Netherlands.

Pickford has been an integral part of Gareth Southgate’s side over the last six years and four tournaments.

And he has always been made for the big moments, his old PE teacher Alan Fisher said.

Fisher told The Times: “He thrives in the penalty situation.

“Just look at his mannerisms as he’s playing, he’s confident every time he faces a penalty.

“His fiery personality definitely comes out, I think that’s what you need as a goalkeeper to save a ball really, you’ve got to have that ‘Come on, bring it on’ attitude.”

Pickford always had an appetite to be the best as Fisher added: “He was very confident.

“He was one of those boys who went to the front of the dinner queue.”


Pickford excelled in cross country and cricket while studying GCSE PE at St Robert of Newminster, a large Catholic school in Tyne and Wear.

Fisher revealed: “Jordan got the nickname Speedy. You can see it in his goalkeeping, he’s very explosive, very much on top of things quickly.

“He had a winning mentality, definitely, from a young age. Again, many young boys have that fiery personality.

“But he had that little bit of an edge to want to be better than the people around him or the other team.”

Pickford has also gained a reputation for his celebrations to saves or reprimanding his team-mates.

Former Sunderland Academy goalkeeping coach Mark Prudhoe said: “He made a treble save and he mouthed off a little bit and put a few swear words in there.

“I didn’t mind at all because it was breathtaking two of the saves and just incredible that he saved the third one.

“Of course Mr (Kevin) Ball was there and he did not like him swearing.”

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