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Julián Álvarez Net Worth 2024: How Much is the Argentine Footballer Worth?

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Who is Julián Álvarez?

Julián Álvarez, not to be confused with your next-door neighbor, is the pride of Calchín, Argentina. This 24-year-old football sensation may be young, but he’s already left a mark bigger than his hometown. With a background that screams “humble beginnings,” Julián’s journey from the dusty streets of Calchín to the glitzy stadiums of Europe is the stuff of legend—or at least a decent Netflix series.

Julián Álvarez’s Career

Álvarez’s career trajectory resembles that of a rocket ship. Starting at River Plate, where he made his professional debut, Julián showed the world that he wasn’t just another kid with a dream. He was a kid with a dream and a serious talent for kicking a ball. His time at River Plate saw him rack up goals and accolades faster than you can say “golazo!” In 2022, he leaped Manchester City, where he continued his goal-scoring spree and occasionally confused fans who were still adjusting to the departure of Sergio Agüero.

Here’s a quick rundown of his stats:

  • River Plate (2018–22): 96 appearances, 36 goals
  • Manchester City (2022–24): 95 appearances, 35 goals

Internationally, Julián has also made his mark with the Argentine national team. Winning the FIFA World Cup and Copa América, he’s become a national hero—his face could soon be on Argentine currency, or at least on a really popular meme.

Julián Álvarez Net Worth

As of 2024, Julián Álvarez is worth a cool $9 million. Yes, you read that right—nine million dollars. Not bad for a kid from Calchín, right? Most of this wealth comes from his football career, with a staggering £2,600,000 salary per season at Manchester City. That’s roughly £50,000 a week, enough to buy a lot of soccer balls and still have change for a few luxury cars.

His financial portfolio doesn’t just stop at his football salary. Julián is also an Adidas-endorsed athlete. You can spot him sporting the Adidas X Speed Portal.1 soccer cleats, a product placement that ensures he’s never without the best gear—or a good paycheck from Adidas.

Julián Álvarez Age

Born on January 31, 2000, Julián Álvarez is 24 years old. That’s right, he was born in the year 2000, making everyone over 30 feel ancient. Despite his youth, Julián has achieved more in his 24 years than many achieve in a lifetime. So, if you’re feeling unaccomplished, don’t worry; there’s always tomorrow.

Julián Álvarez Family: Parents

Julián’s parents, Gustavo and Mariana Álvarez, are the backbone of his success. Gustavo used to work as a truck driver, a job that’s as tough as it sounds, while Mariana dedicated her life to teaching young children. These two are the unsung heroes behind Julián’s meteoric rise. Imagine the dinner conversations at the Álvarez household: “How was your day?” “Oh, you know, just scored a hat-trick against Chelsea.”

Julián Álvarez Height and Weight

Standing at 5 feet 7 inches, Julián Álvarez isn’t exactly towering over his opponents, but what he lacks in height, he makes up for in skill. Weighing in at 70 kg, he’s perfectly balanced—like a well-made empanada. His agility and speed on the field have left many defenders in the dust, proving that size isn’t everything in football.

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