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Katy Perry dances in tiny bikini and downs whiskey shots while fans gush ‘my jaw’s on the floor’ over new music video

KATY Perry has been seen dancing in a revealing outfit while downing shots of liquor in her Woman’s World music video.

On Tuesday, Katy, 39, shared a teaser for her new music video, Woman’s World, on X, formerly Twitter.


Katy Perry released the steamy teaser for her Woman’s World music video[/caption]


In it, she danced around in a tiny American flag bikini top and tiny shorts while wearing a tool belt[/caption]

“BABY WE AIN’T GOING AWAY! JULY 11TH 4PM PT,” she captioned the post.

The video opened with the pop singer sitting on a metal beam alongside female backup dancers.

She had her arm curled to show off her muscles like Rosie The Riveter.

The video then flashed to several other frames, including one of Katy’s breasts being smooshed together.

She was wearing a bejeweled bikini-style top with the American flag printed on it.

The American Idol judge previously donned the piece in promotional photos for the song, posted on the Fourth of July.

Elsewhere in the clip, Katy was seen wearing the same top, a tiny pair of shorts, and a tool belt.

Katy held up a drill in the air, pulling the trigger.

The video showed the California native dancing before cutting to a scene of her pouring whiskey directly from the bottle into her mouth.

Fans in the comments expressed their shock and excitement.

“SEATED FOR THE QUEEN OF POP,” one supporter shared.

“The queen of pop is back,” a second fan gushed.

“MOTHER,” a third wrote.

Fans want these celebs on American Idol

Katy Perry announced on Jimmy Kimmel that she was leaving American Idol

“WE ARE SO READY,” another fan posted, adding a screen grab of Katy’s breasts from the video.

“Legend,” another supporter commented.

Someone else praised, “My jaw’s on the floor.”


Katy recently spent time in Italy, putting on a show during a Dolce and Gabbana event.

She took the stage in a form-fitting silver corset with massive cutouts in the sides.

The piece cupped her ample chest, highlighting her curves.

The corset continued down her body, forming a tiny pair of barely-there shorts.

Katy paired the outfit with matching silver boots that stretched up to her mid-thigh and accessorized with a black collar.

She wore her hair down around her shoulders in a wavy style.

“Great outfit,” one fan gushed.

“SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL,” another praised.


Katy announced her new single on June 17.

In the weeks since, she has been sharing teasers for her latest song, capturing herself in the closet dancing in a video posted to social media.

The TV personality had on a cropped white top with the words Feminine Divine.

She flaunted her pink underwear, pulling them up out of her black sweatpants.

Woman’s World is set to release on July 11, with a music video coming the next day.

She teased the lyrics to the song by wearing them on a long train attached to a sexy red mini-dress while visiting Paris.


The star posed with a bottle of whiskey in the video before pouring the liquor into her mouth[/caption]


Katy Perry wowed fans in her Woman’s World video teaser, announcing that the full video drops on July 11[/caption]


American Idol judge Katy Perry, seen in a silver corset on the show’s set, announced the single on June 17 and has been promoting it ever since[/caption]

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