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Love Island’s Jess branded ‘dry and boring’ by partner Hugo – as Casa Amor couple hit the rocks after Matilda row

SHE has only just found a meaningful connection in the Love Island villa, but it seems Jess is already set for heartache.

In upcoming scenes, Hugo is seen doubting their romance – just moments after Jess gushes about how well it is going.


Hugo admits he is starting to find Jess boring[/caption]


Jess thinks things are going well[/caption]

Jess is catching up with Emma about the romance, but out of the corner of her eye, she spots Hugo having a chat with Ayo.

She says: “I feel like they’re talking about me and it doesn’t look good…they keep looking at me”

And it appears Jess’ instincts could be right, as Hugo confides in Ayo: “I just feel like maybe the way things are going with me and Jess, I dunno I feel like there should be more. I feel like the conversation is just a bit dry…”

He adds: “It feels like, and it’s a harsh way to put it, but it’s like a boredom thing… there is sexual chemistry, but there’s something missing.”

Ayo tries to reassures Hugo, telling him: “You’ve been yourself, she loves that. You can’t help that.”

But it seems Hugo is ready to cool things off, admitting:  “It’s not going to be an easy conversation…”

Jess coupled up with Hugo during Casa Amor, but it wasn’t completely plain sailing because Hugo also hit it off with Matilda.

Jess was left furious when she saw them both chatting and raged:  “I’m fuming at her. She can see how happy I am for the first time in ages. She’s got someone back there anyway.

“Why is she trying to get involved in something?!”

In the end Hugo stuck with Jess and Matilda returned to the villa and Sean.

But things hit the rocks between Matilda and Sean after this week’s dramatic Movie Night and she saw the extent of his antics during Casa Amor.

Love Island couples after Casa

Konnor and Emma

Grace and Blade 

Sean and Matilda 

Ciaran and Nicole

Trey and Ellie

Jess and Hugo

Wil and Uma 

Joey and Jessie 

Ayo and Jessica 

Who was left single? 



Jess has been really happy since Hugo came in[/caption]

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