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More than 1,300 flights canceled across the US as Hurricane Beryl makes landfall – the 2 airlines that were worst hit

SEVERE weather has brought some air travel to a standstill.

As Hurricane Beryl makes landfall, airlines across the country have been forced to cancel thousands of flights.


Passengers are left stranded after thousands of flights are delayed and canceled across the country in the wake of Hurricane Beryl (stock image)[/caption]

Over 1,300 flights have been canceled with over 1,000 more delayed as Hurricane Beryl touched down in Texas, according to Reuters.

Two airlines in particular were hit the hardest by the category five storm.

United Airlines has been grappling with the biggest flight-halting headache of all.

In an effort to stay clear of the storm, the carrier has already announced the cancellation of 405 flights.

And they aren’t the only ones dealing with the effects of the hurricane.

Southwest Airlines followed with 268 cancellations.

United Airlines gave an update on their limited operations.

“We are continuing to monitor Beryl and have reduced flying at Intercontinental Airport of Houston (IAH) Sunday night and Monday,” United Airlines said in a statement.

Southwest Airlines is also continuing to alter its flight routes.

Both airlines are taking further precautions by issuing travel advisories as Beryl continues to cause them to re-evaluate flights in other airports around the state.

Aside from Houston, affected airports include those in Corpus Christi, Austin, Harlingen, Brownsville, McAllen, and Victora.

If your flight has been canceled or delayed, make sure to check the United Airlines website for updates.

The airline has vowed to waive change fees and fare differences for affected flights, as long as your new flight departs by July 16.

They also have to have the same flight route.

Meanwhile, Southwest’s website states that customers are invited to rebook their flights within two weeks of the original travel dates without incurring additional charges.


United Airlines and Southwest Airlines were the hardest carriers hit by the Category 5 storm (stock image)[/caption]

Hurricane Beryl is the strongest storm to hit this early into the summer.

And things might get worse as it continues to cause havoc on the region’s coast.

So far, Beryl even caused the two biggest ports in Texas to shut down operations and vessel traffic over the weekend.

Other storms are expected to impact travel across other parts of the country as well.

For the most up-to-date information, flight-tracking website FlightAware continues to share additional flight interruptions across the U.S.

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