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Motorcyclist crashes into taxi after road rage incident (video)

Motorcyclist crashes into taxi after road rage incident (video)Legacy

A motorcyclist, in a blind fit of road rage with a car, neglected to assess the surrounding traffic and rear-ended a taxi. The incident, captured on video and shared widely online, has sparked a flurry of comments from social media users.

The heated dispute was posted on a Facebook page, with the clip showing a motorcyclist getting into an altercation with a car at a traffic light. The motorcyclist was seen hitting the car and making rude gestures. As the light turned green, he tried to follow the car but failed to notice the taxi ahead, resulting in a collision.

The video cuts off shortly after the crash, but the caption posted with it reads,

“Too busy cursing to look ahead, eh?”

This remark, along with the video, prompted a wave of online criticism. Many users condemned the motorcyclist’s behaviour and urged him to take responsibility for his actions, fearing he might flee the scene.

Incidents like this are a reminder of the importance of road safety and the need for drivers to remain focused and composed, even in frustrating situations. The motorcyclist’s actions not only put himself at risk but also endangered others on the road, reported KhaoSod.


In a related story, a minor altercation between two road users culminated in a road rage incident, where a taxi driver collided with a motorcyclist, running him over multiple times and dragging his bike along the road for over a kilometre before crashing into a utility pole.

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