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My mom is in her 70s but looks 50 – her secret to amazing skin is a staple in my Asian culture, my aunts use it too

THE secret to good skin is a generational thing in one beauty lover’s family.

They shared how their mom and aunts look decades younger due to an anti-aging cultural secret.


A beauty lover is sharing the cultural secret that she swears is the reason for her family’s anti-aging skin (stock image)[/caption]

In a since-deleted post, a Redditor shared the traditional item that has been helping them turn back time – or at least look like it.

“In my culture, Asian, bone broth is a staple,” they said.

“My entire family makes bone broth soup every week and have been for as long as they’ve been alive,” they added.

All they knew was that multiple family members were fooling others with their real ages.

“There has to be something in there because every single one of my aunts and my mom have amazing skin,” they said.

“My mom is in her 70s but looks like she’s 50. I have an aunt who is nearly 95 and she looks like she’s in her 70s,” they continued.

They even avoid one product known to help aging-prone skin.

“Also, they never wear sunscreen – ever – too many chemicals etc,” they said.

“Could be genetics but I do think the bone broth definitely helps.”

Other users were so impressed they wanted to know more about the age-rewinding recipe.

“That’s amazing! Do they make it from scratch? Or make it from a carton?” asked a Redditor.

“Yes, from scratch. It’s a whole process that takes about three hours from start to finish,” they replied.

“Would you be down to connect and share a few tips or the recipe?” yet another user asked.

“Lol oh, I wish! Over the years, people have asked me as well and I can only get half of the recipe – the easy part,” they responded.

“But the other half – what I call the ‘herbs and bits’ – is the hard part,” they continued.

Anti-aging tips

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  • Keep your skin hydrated internally by drinking water and externally with moisturizer.
  • Always use sunscreen, even if you’re not in direct sunlight.
  • Use Vitamin C to brighten the skin and don’t forget to apply to your neck.

“Depending on the soup you want to make – for blood, for health, for sleep, for cough, for the immune system, for skin, etc., then it’s different ‘herbs and bits’ that are placed in the soup for boiling.

“All of these ‘herbs and bits’ are dried things (they look like stuff from the ocean?) that my mom gets from the Chinese grocery/herb store.”

It seemed that some of this skincare magic was still top secret.

“I have also tried to look at the packaging and every one of them, even though there are different things inside the packages, has the same label – either ‘seafood’ or some kind of Chinese writing,” they said.

“When I ask my mom to translate she says ‘Oh, it’s (Chinese name) but that writing says ‘seafood’,” they added.

“I’m pretty sure some of the things she puts in there are dried goji berries, almonds, and dried scallops, but then there’s a bunch of other things I don’t recognize. This is no help, I’m sorry.”

They might not know exactly all of the ingredients their family uses, but if you want to start with at least one item, Amazon sells a bag of Navitas Organic Goji Berries for $11.88.

The brand described how these particular berries have been used in ancient Chinese medicine to support longevity for thousands of years.

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