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My name is normal until you see how it’s spelt – people ask if it’s a typo, they call it a double tragedy

ONE woman’s name is nothing but ordinary when you see how its spelt. 

Taking to the Reddit thread r/tragedeigh, someone explained: “My name is Leighna (Lena) is it a tragedeigh? 

attractive middle aged woman sitting on the couch
The woman is 40 years old and has to tell people how to spell it
The post was recently put into the subreddit threat /tragedeigh

“My middle name is Nocole (nicole).” 

The post has been gaining popularity with 3.6k votes and counting, and thousands of comments. 

One simply said: “It’s tragic,” and a second agreed: “Double tragedy.” 

Someone else remarked: “You’ve got a double barreled tragedeigh on your hands.

“One of them at least is spelled the way it is pronounced; the other, well, I’m so sorry.” 

Another explained: “Nocole is pronounced No-Cole, not Nick-ol…1000% tragedeigh.” 

A fourth chimed: “Nocole is bad.”

Someone else asked: “Does your oddly spelled name make you feel special like your mom wanted?

“In other words, did she correctly set you up for a good life? Or are you forever spelling your name to eyerolls?” 

The original poster replied: “My whole life I’ve been telling people no it’s not layna NO COLE or legna or legina or Leeann lol.” 

The woman, who was born in 1984, explained her mum’s reason for spelling her name this way. 

She said: “She truly thought that’s how Nicole was spelled and until like 5th grade. 

“I thought it was spelled Nicole and spelled it wrong until I was old enough to see my birth certificate lol.

I’m 40 and have lived with it all my life! No one can pronounce it or spell it!! Its so annoying.

“I don’t know how to tell you this but…your name is bad,” another comment read. 

One Redditor said: “If I heard it aloud, I would think it was pretty.

“But seeing it spelled like this…definitely a tragedeigh.” 

Someone else wondered: “How is anyone supposed to figure that out. I’m sorry. Yes, tragedeigh x2.” 

And Leighna replied: “They never have or do lol.” 

Another person joked: “I thought your middle name has a typo you didn’t fix.”

It comes after one woman mocked the way her cousin’s baby’s name was spelt.

Meanwhile, a baby name expert has revealed how to choose the perfect moniker if you’re a parent-to-be.

The struggle of choosing a baby name

CHLOE Morgan, a Senior Writer at Fabulous, has revealed her dilemma on choosing a baby name…

At 35 weeks pregnant, by far the trickiest part of pregnancy for me in the past few months (minus the insomnia and countless night-time wee breaks!) has been trying to decide on a baby name.
The dilemmas are endless…
My partner and I went for a private scan to find out the gender as early as we could – partly due to the fact we thought it would make baby naming so much easier because we’d only have to come up with a list of names for one gender rather than two.
How wrong we were…
I was absolutely thrilled to be told I was expecting the baby girl I’d already dreamed of, but being one of the last of my friends to fall pregnant, I’ve had countless conversations over the years with excited pals discussing their top baby names…something which I wish I could go back in time and un-hear.
With each friend mentioning at least 10 possible monikers, I can’t help but feel like several are now a no-go even though I know it’s something that none of them would mind in the slightest – it’s a total me problem!
The debate comes up time and time again on social media forums – can you choose the same name that was a ‘potential’ for a friend’s baby?
It’s a very divisive topic and opinions are always mixed…and I don’t want to be THAT person.
While some will argue there’s thousands of other names out there to choose from, others will say you need to choose YOUR favourite…after all, there’s no guarantee that person will even have another baby.
Then there’s also the issue of finding a name you adore…only to research it online and read one negative comment amongst hundreds of positives that you just can’t shake off.
I made that very mistake when I fell in love with a certain name (I won’t reveal it because I don’t want to ruin it for others!) …only to see someone point out that it constantly gets autocorrected on a phone to something rather rude instead. So, back to the drawing board we went..
Just five weeks to go and it looks like our little one is going to be known as ‘baby gal’ for a little while longer! 

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