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My philosophy nerd dad named me after a ‘horrible’ author but with the wrong pronunciation – people think I’m stupid

A CONFLICTED woman shared the mistake her dad made with her name.

She explained that although he had good intentions, he messed up with her name’s pronunciation.


A conflicted woman opened up about her botched name (Stock photo)[/caption]

Redditor Owleyesepicness revealed her name in a post.

“Reverse tragedeigh?” she asked, playing on the word “tragedy.”

“My middle name is Ayn… my parents pronounce it Anne.”

She explained that her parents took inspiration from their favorite author as her namesake but messed up the delivery.

“Ayn as in Ayn Rand yes. It was my dad’s idea,” she said.

“He’s a philosophy nerd and adores her work.

“I get it often from my peers about how horrible of a person she was and that it’s funny he pronounced it wrong.”

After learning the correct pronunciation, she talked with her mom about the issue.

“I talked to my mom about it because I didn’t learn the correct pronunciation until I was 19,” she said.

“I’m 24 now. I asked if I could start going by “ein” instead of “ann” and she said no… they meant it to be First Name Ann.

“A common combo for American white girls.”

Despite her parents’ resolution, she couldn’t help but feel conflicted.

“I don’t even know if I want to change my name, but every now and then, I have a mini identity crisis about it because I want to pronounce it correctly,” she said.

I get it often from my peers about how horrible of a person she was and that it’s funny he pronounced it wrong.

Redditor Owleyesepicness

“I know that’s not what my parents intended, but anyone that sees the spelling immediately looks at me like I’m stupid and it’s not MY fault!”

People offered her advice that differed from what her parents told her.

“You’re an adult, and it’s your name,” said one commenter.

“Pronounce it however you like, or change it if you don’t like it.”

One critic even suggested taking things a step further.

“That’s not a tragedeigh,” they said.

“Your parents are just stupid, and you should punish them for it by all means at your disposal.”

“Insert joke about me not falling far from the tree here,” the original poster replied.

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