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NBA fans are stunned by clip of Steph Curry and LeBron James struggling as Lakers star admits it’s not ‘really my thing’

BASKETBALL fans are used to seeing NBA superstars Steph Curry and LeBron James dominate.

So a viral clip of the Team USA duo struggling in the build-up to the Olympics has raised some eyebrows.


Steph Curry struggled to get the ball under control[/caption]


LeBron James has plenty of other talents[/caption]

Curry, 36, and James were asked to show off their skills for a hype video.

And, incredibly, neither of them can spin a basketball on their finger.

“It ain’t really my thing,” Los Angeles Lakers phenom LeBron said as he struggled to get the ball going.

“That’s one of the most embarrassing things. You got me nervous about spinning a ball on my finger,” Curry admitted as he gave up to end the clip.

Golden State Warriors icon Curry and James, 39, both hail from Akron, Ohio.

“To have LeBron as a teammate is surreal, because you have so many battles back and forth, you admire his game, you know what he’s about,” Curry told Yahoo Sports’ Vincent Goodwill.

“To see the work up close and personal every day, to see how he prepares, how he talks in practice, I’ve never had that vantage point of him.

“So, just excited to see how our games complement each other, and build that chemistry that’s gonna help lead this team.”

Curry was drafted No. 7 overall in 2009 – James’ sixth season in the league.

They faced each other in four straight NBA Finals between 2015 and 2018.

“That brings out the healthy animosity of somebody standing in your way of a goal, and you know you’re gonna have some bad blood out there,” Curry added.

“But through it all, I’m a firm believer, you can be competitive, you can have that killer instinct and see blood on the other side, but still have the utmost respect for who you’re playing against.

“And that’s the ultimate compliment for a guy like ‘Bron, who’s always pushed the bar higher and higher with everything he’s done.

“We’re still in the same conference, they beat us in the playoffs last year, they’re still that competition.

“But I can fully enjoy this experience and get to know him at a much deeper level as teammates.

How to watch the Olympics

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The Olympics are headed to Paris in July, but don’t worry if can’t catch a flight to France, we’ve got you covered.

You can watch all of the action from the comfort of your own home, and there’s still time to get your stream sorted:

You can also follow The U.S. Sun for all the latest from this year’s biggest sporting event.

“And I think that’s what we both deserve, at this stage of our careers.”

James will play alongside son Bronny for the Lakers next season.

And he revealed a key difference in their mentalities that should work in the rookie’s favor.

“I don’t know if people really understand Bronny,” he told ESPN. “He doesn’t care. I actually care a little bit. 

“When I came in (as a rookie), I wanted people to like me and some of the things that people were saying about me kind of bothered me early on in my career. he doesn’t give a f***.

“He does not care about nobody. He doesn’t even listen to that stuff. He’s like the coolest. He’s like the complete opposite of his dad. 

“His dad will say something (to address the critics). Bro does not care… everything that’s being said about him, he really does not care.”

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