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NHL boob flasher says ‘you won’t regret it’ as Edmonton Oilers fan releases new content after Stanley Cup Finals

HOCKEY flasher Kait Flynn has released new content to help lift fans’ mood after the season ended.

Edmonton Oilers supporter Kait went viral when she flashed her chest during a playoff game.


Kait Flynn has released new content she promises fans will not regret[/caption]


The fan went viral for flashing her chest at an NHL playoff game[/caption]

Flynn initially hid from the limelight but has gone on to embrace her newfound fame.

She signed a deal with Playboy in the days that followed her now famous moment.

And this weekend, she said released new content in collaboration with the brand.

Kait posed on a bed wearing a hockey jersey she was lifting up.

And she teased that the rest was on Playboy with a message “you won’t regret it.”

Fans rushed to the comments section on her latest Instagram post to show their admiration.

“Burning up insta,” one declared.

“Looking awesome Kait,” another wrote.

While a third laughed, “I just became a oilers fan.”

Flynn now has over 70,000 followers on her Instagram account.

Her moment of fame came in Game 5 of Edmonton Oilers’ Western Conference Finals series against the Dallas Stars.

Kait was filmed revealing her bare chest in a video before breaking out into laughter.

She initially was slow to embrace the fame.

But Kait later came out firing and sent a warning to her critics.

She said, “I have thought long and hard about what I wanted to say to everybody.

Stanley Cup Final schedule

Sat 8 June – Game 1, Edmonton Oilers 0-3 Florida Panthers

Mon 10 June – Game 2, Edmonton Oilers 1-4 Florida Panthers

Thur 13 June – Game 3, Florida Panthers 4-3 Edmonton Oilers

Sat 15 June – Game 4, Florida Panthers 1-8 Edmonton Oilers

Tue 18 June – Game 5, Edmonton Oilers 5-3 Florida Panthers

Fri 21 June – Game 6, Florida Panthers 1-5 Edmonton Oilers

Mon 24 June – Game 7, Edmonton Oilers 1-2 Florida Panthers

(Florida beat Edmonton 4-3)

“I just wanted to say you could be the most perfect Godly f***ing person in the world.

“You could save kittens from a river if they were drowning – someone is still going to hate you.

“At the end of the day, I got drunk and whipped my t**s out at an Oilers game and went viral.

“F*** you if you don’t like it. Go Oilers.”

Unfortunately for the Edmonton Oilers diehard fan, her team was beaten 4-3 in the Stanley Cup Finals by the Florida Panthers.


Flynn has embraced her fame and signed a deal with playboy[/caption]

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