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Nintendo Switch fans can grab a huge free upgrade for one of the most popular games very soon

NINTENDO recently announced its schedule for the second half of 2024, but some release dates remained a mystery.

During the June 2024 Nintendo Direct, an update for Nintendo Switch Sports was announced, but the release date was simply mid-2024.


Basketball is the newest sport being added to the game[/caption]

Nintendo has now revealed the date when the update will be released, and it’s sooner than anyone thought.

The free update will launch on Wednesday, July 10, 2024, and add a new sport to Nintendo Switch Sports.

Basketball will be added to the game, with a number of new modes.

The main mode will be 2v2 matches against AI, locally or online, but there are also single and multiplayer challenges.

These include three-point challenges to score as many hoops as possible within the time limit, or challenges to score five baskets before the other players.

Those who already own Nintendo Switch Sports, have auto-updates enabled, and whose Nintendo Switch is connected to the internet, will have their games updated without doing anything.

If this doesn’t happen, then there are a number of things you can do to download it manually.

Those who own the physical cartridge may need to insert the game into their console and open it before the update will begin.

Updates can only be completed when your Switch is connected to the internet, so ensure that yours is connected in the settings and that your console is not in flight mode.

If you own a digital version of the game, you may have auto-updates disabled, so you may need to attempt to play the game in order to start the manual update.

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