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No plastics allowed: Koh Nang Yuan protects coral reefs

No plastics allowed: Koh Nang Yuan protects coral reefsLegacy

Visitors to the stunning island of Koh Nang Yuan in southern Thailand are facing a surprising restriction: no plastic items or styrofoam boxes are allowed.

Koh Nang Yuan, renowned for its three interconnected islets with pristine white sands, has long upheld a strict no-plastic policy. This rule extends to the thousands of tourists who flock to its shores each day, primarily drawn by the island’s vibrant coral reefs and exceptional diving opportunities.

“Tourists must adhere to our rules to help preserve the island’s natural beauty and protect our coral reefs.”

In a bid to retain its unspoilt environment, visitors are prohibited from bringing plastic items, including water bottles, unless they are recyclable. Instead, the island provides guests with water in glass bottles, accompanied by clear instructions on where to dispose of them once empty. Tourists are also urged to use water sparingly during their stay.

This eco-conscious approach stems from the island’s history of environmental challenges. The coral reefs around Koh Nang Yuan were severely damaged by Typhoon Gay in 1989 and further impacted by the El Niño phenomenon in the 1990s. However, through the concerted efforts of the local community and businesses, the reefs have gradually been restored to their former glory.

The ban on single-use plastics has played a significant role in this recovery. It has not only alleviated waste management issues but also provided a cleaner environment for the coral reefs to thrive.

Thanks to these dedicated conservation efforts, the shallow and deep-water coral reefs of Koh Nang Yuan are once again flourishing, offering divers spectacular underwater scenes, reported VN Express.

In related news, Thailand’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is optimistic about recycling all plastic waste by 2027, as part of an initiative to curb the use of plastic. This plan forms part of the ministry’s plastic waste management roadmap from 2018 to 2030.

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