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‘Oh my god’ claims stunned Tyreek Hill after NFL star is burned by young girl on receiving route during skills camp

NFL superstar Tyreek Hill was schooled by a student at his own skills camp.

The Miami Dolphins receiver, 30, lined up as a defensive back against a young girl in a one-on-one drill.


Tyreek Hill took a rep on defense[/caption]


The young girl completely cooked him[/caption]


She was delighted with her effort[/caption]


Tyreek Hill could not believe it[/caption]

And to Hill’s surprise, she faked him out and left the man known as Cheetah training in her wake as she caught the ball for a touchdown.

“Nobody told me she played flag football,” Hill said.

“I was not expecting that. What? Oh my god.”

“The dolphins should cut him?? lol,” joked one fan under the clip.

“He a real one for that,” added another.

“She actually did in fact cook him,” a third posted.

The girl was seen beaming with pride after her brilliant performance at the Tyreek Hill Youth Football and Speed Camp in Atlanta

And Hill’s former Kansas City Chiefs teammate Mecole Hardman celebrated wildly on the sideline.

After signing a massive three-year, $84.5 million extension with the Dolphins, Jalen Waddle revealed how important it is to have a mentor like Hill by his side.

“It’s great,” Waddle told The U.S. Sun.

“For me, seeing someone that I used to watch in high school and college and teaming up with him and seeing how he goes about his work day to day.

“Whether it’s how he eats, his preparation for the games, what makes him such a great player and obviously a Hall of Fame player.”

Waddle said he is always by Hill’s side to soak up anything he can learn from the superstar receiver.

“Having someone like that in my room really allows me to be by his side and learn from him,” Waddle said.

“It’s key for me.”

Waddle is now signed through the 2028 season and Hill through 2026.

The biggest issue the Dolphins face is the future of their quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who is set for a massive extension.

“I think eventually if both parties make sense they’re gonna get the deal done,” Waddle said.

“The team really buys into him being our guy and it’s ultimately his team.”

There had been reports that Hill was also looking for a massive extension but he insists winning a Super Bowl is his focus.

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