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Old woman from Sattahip sparks heroics, saves shocked electrician

Old woman from Sattahip sparks heroics, saves shocked electricianLegacy

An 82 year old Thai homeowner yesterday saved the life of an electrician after he was electrocuted while working at her home in the Sattahip district of Chon Buri province.

The homeowner, Sa-ngiam Kukkong, called rescuers from the Sawang Rojjanadham Foundation to her home to transport the technician, 61 year old Somsak Kaerattana, to a hospital. Somsak remained conscious and was able to communicate with rescuers.

Somsak revealed that Sa-ngiam had been hired to resolve an electrical issue. Using a ladder, he climbed to fix a loose cable near the roof of the customer’s house. During the task, he accidentally came into contact with a rain gutter, which conducted electricity and resulted in electrocution.

CCTV footage captured Somsak being electrocuted while on the ladder. He shouted for help, prompting Sa-ngiam to rush to his aid. Somsak fell to the ground, and Sa-ngiam quickly administered CPR.

Speaking to Channel 3, Sa-ngiam mentioned that she had learned a life-saving technique for electrocution incidents from YouTube videos. She used a rope to secure around Somsak’s ankle and safely pulled him down.

Many Thai netizens praised Sa-ngiam’s rescue efforts and emphasised that she had used social media platforms and technology in a beneficial way.

“You are healthy and intelligent! Hope the man gets well soon.”

“Grandma, you are so strong!”

“You are a quality older person!”

“You are so brave! She could have been electrocuted by touching the ladder but she dared to help the technician.”

“I want other old people to take this grandmother as an example of how to use a smartphone in a useful way.”

In a related story reported in June, a Thai male student was electrocuted by a water cooler at his school in Trang province. Unfortunately, the 14 year old lost his life in the incident, sparking criticism of student safety at the school.

Another electrocution incident occurred involving a Thai woman and his friend after they embarked on a tagada ride at an amusement park in Lopburi province. The two victims were electrocuted while getting off the ride. One of them fell on their back into the Tagada ride, while the other fell off, resulting in serious injuries.

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