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People rage as they spot mother-of-the-bride’s VERY bridal white outfit, saying she’s a ‘red wine fix’ waiting to happen

A MOTHER-OF-THE-BRIDE has left people stunned after showing off the outfit she wore to her daughter’s wedding.

Alexa took to TikTok to share a video of the moment her sister did a dress reveal to their dad, with their mum standing in the background snapping pictures.

A woman has left people raging after showing off her mother-of-the-bride outfit
Her choice of a long, white gown with lace detailing and ruffles had people mistaking her for the bride
Especially when she walked confidently down the aisle

And while the moment left Alexa “sobbing”, other people were more concerned about what the mother-of-the-bride was wearing.

She was sporting a one-shouldered white lace dress, with a huge flower detail on one side and fluffy tiered bottom.

In another video, Alexa showed her mum walking down the aisle to take her seat at the nuptials – with many people insisting she looked like the bride.

“If that were my wedding, she’d have red wine fixing that dress before she hit the end of the aisle,” one person wrote in the comments section.

“Looks like her wedding, wow!” another added.

“Oh so she is that mum?” a third questioned.

As someone else said: “She looks like the bride in that dress!”

“She looks amazing. But 100% thought she was the bride! lol,” another commented.

“Red wine where you at?” someone else questioned.

However, in another video, Alexia revealed that her mum wasn’t the only person other than the bride to wear white for the big day.

In fact, the entire wedding party donned the pale colour for the occasion.

“Everyone wore white and it looked unbelievable,” she captioned the video.

But lots of people insisted the mother-of-the-bride’s outfit was too bridal in its style – as well as its colour.

“Okay but the mum is literally wearing a wedding dress… not just a regular white dress,” one wrote.

“Yeah but they all wearing something simple while the mom is basically in a wedding dress,” another agreed.

“Like she could’ve gotten something simple too!”

“It’s not about being white. Her dress looks too bridal,” a third said.

And others defended the bride and her mum’s outfit, with some even admitting the nuptials had made them consider an all-white dress code for their own weddings.

“I LOVE this vibe,” one wrote.

“Considering having my sister and mum wear white to mine next year and everyone thinks I’m insane!”

Wedding Guest Outfit Etiquette

If you’re struggling to decided on a dress to see you through wedding season, here’s a few rules on what not to wear so you don’t get in trouble.

  • Folklore says that wearing red at a wedding means you slept with the groom.
  • Casual attire like jeans and flip flops should always be avoided.
  • Any colour that could be picked up as white or cream – even if it’s not.
  • Most would agree that your cleavage needs to be covered.
  • Wearing white is a massive no-no if you’re not the bride.

“Can we please normalise this? Loveeeee,” another added.

“And this is why I’ll never understand people getting pressed over someone wearing white,” a third insisted.

“That bridal party is stunning!”

“Yes!!! The ‘no white’ rule has also been so silly to me!” someone else wrote.

“This looks so elegant! Beautiful ladies!!”

The bride stood out from the crowd, thanks to her veil and train on her dress
The bride had actually instructed her entire wedding party to wear white, in a break from the “norm”

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