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Roku fans reveal ‘must-have’ apps that unlock hundreds of free TV channels and over 100,000 shows and movies legally

ROKU fans are dishing on their favorite free channels – including ‘must-haves’ that unlock tens of thousands of additional TV shows and movies.

Roku has grown into one of the largest free, ad-supported streaming services since its inception in the early 2000s.


Roku fans are opening up about their favorite channels, which unlock even more free content including movies, broadcast news, and live sports[/caption]

The company offers thousands of shows and movies on The Roku Channel, which launched in North America in 2017 before sweeping across the globe.

Users were asked to share their ‘must-have’ channels in a Reddit thread last month.

As expected, the streaming service itself topped the list.

“The Roku Channel is definitely in my top 3! So many live channels and access to other premium channels,” one doting netizen proclaimed.

The Roku Channel has steadily expanded its portfolio of cost-free shows and movies over the past few years.

It offers content from over 250 partners including live news from networks like NBC and Fox.

Several users also touted the YouTube TV app, which is available for download in Roku‘s channel store.

“The main reason I own a Roku is for the YouTube app,” one user proclaimed. “I like the Roku remote interface better for navigating YouTube than ANY other interface.”

The app offers live TV from over 85 networks, from local sports to major news outlets. Some partners include AMC, ABC, and ESPN.

Several other users recommended Pluto TV, another FAST service.

Pluto landed a distribution deal with Fremantle for 25 new channels in June, bringing fresh content to viewers in the United States and United Kingdom.

Despite the glowing reviews, some Redditors claimed the frequent commercials were frustrating and, in some cases, rendered the app unusable.

“Have they learned how to edit in commercials yet? I quit watching,” one user wrote. “Mid-sentence they would cut for commercials. Maddening!”


Netizens praised YouTube TV, Pluto TV, and Plex, all of which are available for download in the Roku Channel Store – plus a cost-free Plex alternative[/caption]

Another name that cropped up frequently was Plex, a service that lets viewers stream their own content to any device.

While the software is free, the paid-for Plex Pass unlocks more features and access to the company’s Android and iOS apps.

This drawback prompted some users to propose alternatives to the popular channel.

“I used to extol the virtues of Plex…no so much anymore,” one user declared. “Jellyfin is where it’s at now…it’s free.”

What is Roku?

The company is best known as a popular provider of free, ad-supported streaming television – or SMART TV for short.

Roku, Inc. was founded in 2002 by Anthony Wood, an English-born businessman who relocated to the United States as a teenager.

Wood wanted to help TV fans watch what they wanted when they wanted and came up with the idea of a TV operating system with access to online content.

Roku released its first product in 2008 – a streaming box called the Roku DVP, which sold 10 million units in just six days.

The company’s hardware is compatible with any TV that has an HDMI connection. This means virtually anyone can access the streamer’s growing body of content.

Each player comes with a Roku remote to navigate on-screen menus and control playback.

The company also licenses its operating system to television manufacturers like Toshiba and Hisense to create Roku-branded TVs.

The streamer has steadily been expanding its portfolio on The Roku Channel.

It boasts free content from over 250 partners, including live news from networks like NBC, Fox, and CBS.

The ever-growing library boasts over 350 live TV channels and 80,000 free movies and shows.

Jellyfin is an open-source media server designed to facilitate the sharing and organization of digital media.

Unlike Plex, the app has no paid-for premium features, meaning it is completely free.

It is worth noting there is a dedicated Plex app in the Roku Channel Store, while Jellyfin is only available for download through GitHub.

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