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‘She’s sealed her exit’ insist Love Island fans as they work out next girl to leave the villa

LOVE Island viewers are convinced they know which Islander will be dumped next after they made a massive mistake last night.

Fans watched Emma Milton put an end to her romance with Konnor, after feeling unsure with how things were going.

Love Island fans think its game over for Emma Milton
Emma brutally dumped Konnor last night

Konnor decided to couple up with Emma after getting to know her in Casa Amor.

But things were nipped in the bud when she grabbed fellow Islanders Grace and Matilda for a chat to share where her head is at.

She said: “I feel like I’ve given it a go with Konnor now.. don’t get me wrong the chats are so nice, he’s a lovely person, we are never short of anything to talk about ever but the spark isn’t there.

“There’s no sexual chemistry, I don’t wanna kiss him, I’m not finding myself gravitating towards him…”

Emma later told a shocked Konnor how she was feeling as she called time on their blossoming romance.

But fans think this will backfire on her and she’ll be sent packing.

One wrote: “Emma’s sealed her exit after the next recoupling.”

“I’m just surprised they weren’t in the bottom two. Though I like Konner,” a second shared.

A third echoed: “Emma and Konnor are just so dull.”

A fourth shared: “Konnor is just smiley happy safe bet, no idea why those silly girls aren’t fighting over him. He’s too nice for this show.”

Another added: “To win on his own, he’s the most mature in there, and seems like a lovely bloke.”

The ring girl and model was brought into the main villa by Konnor who had been unlucky in love before Casa Amor.

But a short time after becoming an official Islander, Emma’s feelings turned and she admitted there wasn’t a spark.

Preparing to call things off, Emma appeared to snap at Konnor over his “bad habit”.

“Stop saying ‘yeah yeah’”, she moaned.

Hurt Konnor replied: “It’s ‘yeah yeah’ because I’m listening.”

Spotting the awkward moment, one fan said: “This Emma girl HATES Konnor, what was that ‘stop saying yeah yeah’ commen.”

Another added: “Emma told Konnor stop saying yeah yeah. Holy s***. She can’t stand him at all.

“She pretended to like him to get into the villa and her hatred for him then grew. Shes the kind of girl to sleep with rich ugly old men just for the money.”

Someone else said: “I’ve never seen someone hate someone the way Emma hates Konnor.”

Fans have been divided on Emma’s intentions since she arrived in Casa Amor

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