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Shop you’d never think of with huge yellow sticker discounts as shopper nabs £134 worth of food for £41

SAVVY shoppers are going wild over huge yellow sticker haul at a popular store for a fraction of the price. 

One eagle-eyed customer could not believe their luck when they managed to snap up over 15 items for £41. 

The shop scanned for more than half off

The shop should have scanned for £134 at the till but the customer took advantage of the “yellow sticker” bargains at wellness retailer Holland & Barrett – with many not realising that it offers such reductions.

A post read in the yellow sticker shopping tips, tricks and hauls, Facebook group: “Holland & Barrett is the place to be when the stickers are out!

“Paid £41 (some things full price not pictured), should have been £134.”

Amongst the items scored at a discount price included four packets of Doisy & Dam chocolate which usually retail for £1.29 or 54p each. 

The bargain shopper also picked up a packet of Glow Trail Mix for 58p when it usually sets customers back £5.99. 

Elsewhere, the customer grabbed a jar of protein peanut butter for £1.75 marked down from £3.50

At the end of each day, most supermarkets will reduce the price of some items which are about to go out of date, by placing a yellow sticker on them. 

It is common practice in popular grocery stores, such as Marks and Spencer, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda

In the case of Holland and Barrett, the stickers are actually red, and the same goes for Lidl too – but bargain hunters usually refer to them as yellow stickers regardless.

Many customers on the social media group were totally unaware that the popular high street store, which sells organic food products and vitamins,  even offered yellow stickers on their goods. 

Buying supplements and natural products can often be pricey so it may be worth checking out your local Holland and Barrett to see if they have any products marked down. 

However, it is important to remember to only buy these products if you truly want to or if its within your budget.

Yellow sticker markdowns are not the only offers Holland & Barrett run for customers.  

The store, which has over 727 stores across the UK, often runs a buy one get one half price offer on some of its vitamins. 

It is also currently running a 20% off deal when shoppers download its app.

Holland & Barrett also runs a loyalty card scheme, which turns points earned when you shop into money off vouchers for you to spend with the store.

You can find your nearest Holland & Barrett by checking out their website.

How to find yellow stickers

Yellow sticker items can be a very easy way to save money on your shop.

Some reductions can make the products considerably cheaper than they would have been originally.

Most retailers mark down their products at the end of the day, so the afternoon or right before closing may be the best time to check out your local store.

To avoid disappointment, it is always worth ringing up your local supermarket to see if they carry out the practise.

If the food marked down is fresh, you’ll have to eat it quickly or freeze it for another time.

When do supermarkets put out yellow-sticker bargains?

The time supermarkets reduce their products vary across stores.

Here’s a rough supermarket-by-supermarket guide:


Aldi uses a red sticker to show reductions on fresh products such as bread, meat, fruit and vegetables.

This is when they have reached the last day of shelf life.

Red stickered items are most commonly found at opening and closing times.


Reduction times can vary from store to store but is most likely to occur near closing time.


Asda told Which? that yellow stickers are applied twice a day – in the morning and evening.


Co-op told The Sun its reduced-to-clear prices are generally applied about four hours before the store closes.


Lidl has a similar procedure to Asda and Aldi with reductions twice a day.

However individual stores may opt to reduce prices throughout the day.


Shoppers online have said that Morrisons does the best bargains first thing in the morning.

However, the store told Which? that there are no specific times for yellow sticker price cuts.


Sainsbury’s told The Sun it’s at the store manager’s discretion whether to offer discounts.

However, shoppers have reported that the best deals are in the evening from 6pm.


Tesco has said there is no specific time for reduction, but again most people found that prices were reduced from 6pm.


As with most of the other stores, Waitrose shoppers have said the best reductions are found before closing.

However the store stated that there is no specific time for yellow stickers to be applied.

You don’t only need to use yellow stickers to save on your shop.

There are plenty of comparison websites out there that’ll check prices for you – so don’t be left paying more than you have to.

Most of them work by comparing the prices across hundreds of retailers.

For example, Google Shopping is a tool that lets users search for and compare prices for products across the web. Simply type in keywords, or a product number, to bring up search results.

Price Spy also logs the history of how much something costs from over 3,000 different retailers, including Argos, Amazon, eBay and the supermarkets.

Once you select an individual product you can quickly compare which stores have the best price and which have it in stock.

Spending less this summer

Summer can be an expensive time for families so it is important to shop around for deals to help you spend less. 

Supermarkets such as Sainsbury’sTesco and Asda all have loyalty cards which help you save on your shop.

Meanwhile, every week Aldi releases a list of special buys , which are unique bargain products you find online and in store. 

The store releases a fresh range of deals every Thursday and Sunday, so be sure to check regularly to see what’s new. 

Meanwhile, fellow German discounter Lidl also has its middle aisle deals, which sell discounted non-food items. 

The products are updated each week.

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