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‘So depressing,’ moan Target shoppers as stores have ‘barely any carts’ – issue with employees sent them back to Walmart

TARGET shoppers have noticed a shortage of carts available which is driving some to go to Walmart instead. 

Complaints stem from shoppers convinced Target employees are not bringing the carts in while working.


Target customers have complained that there are few carts available to do their shopping[/caption]


They believe Target employees could do a better job at returning them[/caption]

Target shopper Michele Barlow shared her experience in a post on Facebook. 

“Target really needs to do better about bringing carts in,” Barlow said.  

“This isn’t the first time I have gotten to Target first thing in the morning and barely any carts.  

“They are out scattered across the parking lot.  

“Seems like you’d lose less carts if the last job of the day was to collect all carts.  

“OK, Rant over.”


Shopper Antonia Tanner replied to Barlow’s post and insisted Walmart is better than Target. 

“Target is so depressing. I don’t understand the appeal,” Tanner said.  

“Walmart is cleaner and offers more. I always see Walmart employees working. Target employees just stand around.”

The post caught the attention of multiple other shoppers who are unhappy with Target’s service as well. 

“Agreed. Even Walmart collects their carts,” one person replied.

“We went yesterday and they are gone too!” another chimed in.

“Employees rather stand around and get paid to do nothing,” someone wrote.

“We have noticed this issue too. Plenty of employees standing around chatting. Like 2 lines open and never any carts,” another person said.

Latest self-checkout changes

Retailers are evolving their self-checkout strategy in an effort to speed up checkout times and reduce theft.

Walmart shoppers were shocked when self-checkout lanes at various locations were made available only for Walmart+ members.

Other customers reported that self-checkout was closed during specific hours, and more cashiers were offered instead.

While shoppers feared that shoplifting fueled the updates, a Walmart spokesperson revealed that store managers are simply experimenting with ways to improve checkout performance.

One bizarre experiment included an RFID-powered self-checkout kiosk that would stop the fiercely contested receipt checks.

However, that test run has been phased out.

At Target, items are being limited at self-checkout.

Last fall, the brand surveyed new express self-checkout lanes across 200 stores with 10 items or less for more convenience.

As of March 2024, this policy has been expanded across 2,000 stores in the US.

A Target shopper also complained about self-checkout lanes moving slowly because of restrictions.

The restrictions include how many lanes are open and the amount of items you can check out.

This led to an unpleasant shopping experience for the Target customer.

“With a limit of 10 items, and only one or two lanes open, if I had more than 10 items, I would end up being in line for a mighty long time,” the shopper said. 

Another Target customer said they rather shop at Amazon if self-checkout issues persist.

The U.S. Sun has reached out to Target for comment.

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