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Soldier arrested for murder of housemaid in Bangkok apartment

Soldier arrested for murder of housemaid in Bangkok apartmentLegacy

A young soldier has been apprehended in connection with the murder of his housemaid girlfriend at a Parliament apartment in central Bangkok. The police are coordinating with military personnel to transfer the suspect for further investigation.

The incident came to light when officers from Sam Sen Police Station responded to a call at an apartment on Nakhon Chai Si Road at 11.30am today, July 9, they discovered the body of 30 year old Khemruthai in her second-floor room.

The woman, a former housemaid at the Parliament, was found lying on her bed with a stab wound to her chest. Preliminary investigations suggest she had been dead for seven days.

The victim’s sister, 29 year old Darika expressed her shock upon receiving the news. She mentioned that although she was aware of her sister’s relationship with a soldier for about a year, she was not privy to any potential issues between them.

The apartment owner noted that the victim had been living alone until three months ago when her boyfriend began staying with her intermittently. The owner last saw Khemruthai in June when she paid her rent. Despite the boyfriend’s presence, the owner did not interact with him frequently enough to know him well.

Police investigations swiftly identified the soldier boyfriend, 24 year old Sunai as the prime suspect in the murder of his housemaid girlfriend. He was apprehended in the Mae Sai district of Chiang Rai. Police are working with military personnel to facilitate his transfer for legal proceedings.

Initial autopsy results indicate that Khemruthai had been dead for seven to ten days, with a single stab wound to her torso. A knife was found at the crime scene, reported KhaoSod.

Sunai, who reportedly met Khemruthai through TikTok, had been active on social media shortly before the incident. His Facebook account featured a post of him in military uniform holding a rifle 17 hours before his arrest, and a video posted six days ago with comments underlining his military persona, eerily stating,

“A warrior, not a lover.”

This shocking incident has raised questions about the circumstances leading to the brutal murder. Police continue to gather evidence and statements to piece together the events that transpired.

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