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Steam is being flooded by games where all you do is click – but millions are playing them

BANANA was one of the most popular Steam games in June, even though it had almost no gameplay.

The whole ‘game’ consists of clicking a picture of a banana to make a number go up, and yet it had an all time peak of 917,272 players.

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At least in Cats the picture of the cat changes[/caption]

While it hasn’t seen highs like this in weeks, it still has a very large player base, with between 300k and 400k concurrent players at any one time.

The reason people are playing is because every three hours that Banana is running, it will drop a Steam Item which can be sold on the Steam Market Place.

They are currently selling for pennies, but the most expensive one sold for over £1k ($1.3k).

Since Banana’s success, a number of other clicker games have popped up all with a similar premise.

Cats was the next game to appear; in it, the cat changes design and colour depending on how many times you click it.

While the base game is free to play, there is also purchasable DLC including an artbook, soundtrack and extra cats.

Similarly, Cats also adds Steam items to your Inventory, with the most expensive currently selling for around $10/£8.

While not as popular as Banana, Cats has seen a high of 90k concurrent players, with around 30k people playing at a time.

Hamster is one of the latest clicker games, with a picture of a hamster that shivers when you click on it.

The amount of shake changes at random, but it has the same effect of dropping an item, only this time every 90 minutes.

Hamster is also the least popular of these three, with a peak of less than 20k people and just hundreds playing at the time of writing.

Many have compared these games to mining crypto or minting NFTs, as players are spending time to gain items with no apparent value.

People are hoping that this trend will end and Steam won’t be flooded by more idle clickers.

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