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Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard gives glimpse of secret baby daddy – but fans say ‘something isn’t right’

SUMMER House star Lindsay Hubbard has given fans a glimpse at her baby daddy, but critics demand more from the reality star.

The Bravo personality shared a photo of her and her boyfriend on social media, concealing his face with an emoji.


Summer House star Lindsay Hubbard shared a photo alongside her boyfriend, concealing his face from her Instagram followers[/caption]


Lindsay, seen in another glamorous Instagram photo in a sparkly green and blue gown, provided a timeline, with photos, of her early pregnancy[/caption]

Lindsay, 37, posted the photo as part of a carousel of photos chronicling the many events she attended early in her pregnancy.

In the pic, the Summer House star wore a kelly green jumpsuit with subtle jewelry and her hair styled straight.

Her boyfriend posed by her side, wearing a navy suit, white shirt, and a maroon tie.

His face was concealed behind a brown heart emoji.

In the comments, some angry fans raged at Lindsay for refusing to reveal the identity of her ultra-private partner.

“I think it’s weird now… That you won’t share who the father is and who you are dating but you share the fact that you are pregnant???? That’s kinda backwards…,” one person critiqued.

“You should be proud of ‘ALL’ [of] it. I would be more protective of the pregnancy and not announce it….. I wish you the best but something doesn’t sit right.”

Another posted, “Why don’t we get to know who the man is? Strange that he’s not proud to be by your side as baby daddy and same for you!”

Linday’s loyal fans came to her defense.

“So confused by all those asking and demanding for her to reveal her partner! She’s been so transparent and given us everything! Let her have this moment and send her well wishes during this sacred time!!” one supporter wrote.

“This comment section is disappointing … SO EXCITED FOR YOUR MOM ERA,” a second fan praised.

“Everyone so bothered that Lindsay found a man with an actual career that doesn’t want to be on TV,” a third person mocked.

“This comment section is truly giving mean girl vibes. #eww There is no need for mom competition here. @lindshubbs it is not easy & you are rocking it! Keep glowing mama!” another supporter posted.


Lindsay ignored the haters, celebrating a personal victory in her caption.

Lindsay Hubbard’s Relationship History

Lindsay Hubbard announced that she’s pregnant and expecting her first child with her new boyfriend. The star revealed that she was dating someone new but did not share his identity. Prior to this relationship, Lindsay was engaged to her Summer House co-star Carl Radke. They called the relationship off in August 2023, months before their wedding in Mexico.

Here’s a look at Lindsay’s relationship history:

  • Everett Weston: Lindsay dated Everett in Season One of Summer House. They split after one year together.
  • Austen Kroll: Lindsay hooked up with Austen in 2018 but kept it quiet. Their relationship came to light during Season Two of Winter House in 2021.
  • Stephen Traversie: Lindsay dated Stephen in 2019. He appeared in Season Four and Season Five of Summer House but their split was confirmed in January 2021.
  • Jason Cameron: Lindsay and Jason met in February 2021, while filming Season One of Winter House. They called it quits in summer 2021, and Lindsay later revealed that she got pregnant during their relationship and suffered a miscarriage.
  • Carl Radke: Lindsay and Carl dated briefly in 2019 and got back together in fall 2021. They got engaged in 2022 but called it off in August 2023.

She broke down her pregnancy timeline, revealing the many things she accomplished while early in her pregnancy.

“4 weddings, 2 magazine cover shoots, 1 [Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen], 1 reunion taping, a sandwich shop opening, 1 Kleinfeld launch event, and a magazine party… most all in my first trimester, and all before I announced [mind-blown emoji]. Hiding this news has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do! (Mentally, emotionally, and physically!) [panting emoji],” she wrote.

Lindsay then listed each of the events and their dates, corresponding with the photos and videos in her Instagram slideshow.

Fans in the comments praised her for being able to do it all while pregnant.

Many noted that at that point in their own pregnancies they had been dealing with extreme nausea.

Morning sickness is common in the early weeks of pregnancy, according to Mount Sinai New York’s website.

“A working mom!!!” Summer House co-star Gabby Prescod posted.

“Wow. It’s crazy you went into the firing squad aka [Summer House] reunion pregnant. Women >>>>>.” a second fan commented.

“Could not imagine doing this 1st trimester. I was horizontal with saltines 24/7! Go mama you’re going to be amazing!” a third praised.

“And in the first trimester no less!” another fan noted.

“I threw up every single day, never wore a bra, and literally didn’t leave the house for the first 15 weeks so I give you so many props haha,” a fifth commenter wrote.


Lindsay announced her pregnancy on Fourth of July.

She posted a collection of bump photos, as well as sonograms of her baby on Instagram.

The reality star smiled, holding a pregnancy test in her hand in the first photo in her post.

She was resting one hand on her growing stomach in the pic.

Another picture showed a collection of baby items, including a blanket and a pair of knit booties, sitting beside a sonogram.

“Trigger Warning: this post contains more fireworks than the 4th of July! WE’RE PREGNANT!!!!! [Fireworks emojis] I truly believe the universe has a bigger plan and this is it! [shooting star emoji] The second I have a feeling, I took a @clearblue Early Digital Pregnanct Test and getting a clear result, in words, made the next steps sooo much easier,” her caption read.

“My boyfriend and I are beyond excited to welcome our little #HubbCub this Holiday season 2024!! [lion emoji] [gift emoji].”

Lindsay confirmed she was dating someone new after her split from Carl Radke during the Summer House reunion.

She and her co-star ended their engagement in August 2023, with Carl calling things off on camera.

The got engaged in August 2022 and were set to tie the knot in Mexico in November 2023.

She has not revealed her boyfriend’s identity but did tell Andy Cohen during the reunion special that he does not watch the show.

Lindsay said during the reunion that her new partner is “wonderful,” adding that she’s known him for quite some time.

“We actually went on a few dates three and a half years ago,” she said.

“It was just bad timing back then for him and for me and then he kinda popped back up in December and we started dating in January.”

At the time, she told her Summer House co-stars, as well as viewers at home that her new romance was “tracking in the pretty serious direction.”

Lindsay’s boyfriend did appear in her pregnancy announcement but did not show his face.

Her boyfriend stood behind her in a pic, resting his hands on her bump.

Lindsay had her hands, clad in several stylish rings, on top of his.

The former public relations professional stood sideways in another snap, cradling her belly.

Before the announcement, rumors swirled that Lindsay might be pregnant.

She did not address the chatter, though.


The star confirmed that she was pregnant during an April Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen appearance, though the above photo is from a September 2023 show[/caption]


Prior to this relationship, Lindsay Hubbard was engaged to Carl Radke, seen with her at the 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards[/caption]

Felix Kunze/Bravo

Lindsay announced her pregnancy on July 4, and will be returning to Summer House for another season alongside co-stars West Wilson, Kyle Cook, Amanda Batula, Gabby Prescod, Carl Radke, Ciara Miller and Paige Desorbo, seen above in a promo pic[/caption]

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