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Thai man tortured by Chinese gang in Cambodia trafficking ordeal

Thai man tortured by Chinese gang in Cambodia trafficking ordealLegacy

A plea for help has emerged from a Thai victim ensnared by a Chinese trafficking gang, lured to work on a stock trading website in Poipet. After attempting to escape, he was caught and tortured with electric shocks. Many Thais have been similarly deceived.

A reporter was contacted for assistance by a human trafficking victim hiding from a grey Chinese mafia gang in the crime-infested city of Kandal, on the Cambodia-Vietnam border. The victim, a Thai man named Boon (a pseudonym) from Ban Mi District, Lopburi Province, shared his harrowing experience.

Boon described his ordeal over the phone, stating that he was still in hiding from the mafia that had tricked him into working in Cambodia. He was lured to work in Poipet in March 2024 with promises of a job related to stock trading.

Initially, he worked on the stock trading website but faced punishment and imprisonment for three months when his performance fell short. Subsequently, he was sold to Kandal City, near the Vietnam border.

“The nature of the work involved sitting and observing initially. There were over 30 Thais in my office, with several offices in total. Each office had teams, and our team comprised four individuals who acted as decoys on Facebook and Line. When customers placed orders, they were made to engage in activities and transfer money, which we would then withdraw. However, on the second deposit, the money could not be withdrawn.”

Boon further revealed that everyone was required to sign a nine-month work contract before they could return to Thailand. He refused to sign and was made to observe for seven days before starting work.

Human trafficking

When he expressed his desire to return, he was told to pay a ransom. Deciding to escape, he contacted his family for financial assistance.

“When I attempted to flee, I contacted my sister and mother to send money. As I tried to cross back, they caught me and sold me to the Saitong building. I was electrocuted five to six times because I refused to work. They demanded US$2,000 for my release. I tried to escape to return to Thailand but found no way out. I’ve been stuck here for ten days, with no food, only tap water.”

Boon mentioned that he was considered disposed of but had no means of leaving. The mafia believed he had left the area but he remained hidden inside a building, as exiting was impossible.

“I cannot leave the building and must hide in the room. The Chinese think I have already escaped to Thailand. The building, located near the Vietnam border, is surrounded by electric fences, high walls, and over 100 security guards. There is no way to escape.”

Boon added that over 50 Thais were lured into similar conditions. Besides the Thais, Indonesians, Vietnamese, and Indians were also deceived, reported KhaoSod.

Boon’s sister reported that he had gone to work in Poipet in March. He attempted to escape on June 20 but was recaptured on June 21.

“My brother was involved in stock trading, similar to a call centre scam, deceiving Thais through Facebook and Line. He was electrocuted five to six times and beaten. The office housed not only Chinese but also Indonesians, Vietnamese, and Indians.”

She added that her brother was tricked by his ex-girlfriend, who had personal conflicts and left with a new partner. On July 7, Boon’s sister filed a report at Aranyaprathet Police Station in Sa Kaeo Province, stating that her brother was deceived into illegal work and physically abused. She appealed to the Thai-Cambodian Border Coordination Centre for assistance.

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