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Thailand govt defends Buriram graduates amid cheating claims

Thailand govt defends Buriram graduates amid cheating claimsLegacy

The Thai government fiercely defended 40 Buriram Rajabhat University graduates against allegations of cheating in their competitive exams for assistant teaching positions.

Rumours have been swirling that the graduates were aided by leaked exam papers, a suspicion magnified by the fact that the Minister of Education, Permpoon Chidchob, is from Buriram province.

Addressing the controversy, Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office Karom Phonphonklang, strongly rebuked the accusers, urging society not to belittle and accuse others without solid evidence.

He stressed that no law permits such baseless allegations and that everyone deserves equal treatment.

“Such behaviour is inappropriate and disparaging.”

Karom didn’t hold back, labelling those making the accusations as irresponsible, immature, and lacking in compassion. He pointed out that many of the accused students come from humble backgrounds, with their families making significant sacrifices to support their education.

“These students’ families might have hoped their children would become good teachers and eventually educate the next generation.”

Highlighting the rigorous five-year curriculum at Buriram Rajabhat University, Karom asserted that the graduates have earned their qualifications through hard work and dedication. He condemned those who criticise without evidence, relying solely on imagination and derogatory remarks.

“Talented individuals exist in every province, not just in Buriram.”

Karom emphasised that such unfounded criticism only serves to create division.

“If society adopts this flawed logic to accuse and demean others, treating some as unequal, how can society sustain itself?”

Karom called for an end to the baseless accusations, urging everyone to consider the real impact of their words and actions, reported The Nation.

In related news, in a move to uphold academic integrity, Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation Minister Supamas Isarabhakdi announced immediate action following reports of a private university allegedly selling degrees to wealthy students without requiring them to study.

Supamas confirmed the establishment of a fact-finding committee led by the ministry’s Deputy Permanent Secretary, Professor Doctor Supachai Pathumnakul.

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