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‘The producers are trying to bring drama’ insist Love Island fans after noticing ‘clue’ on latest date

LOVE Island fans have been left convinced that show bosses are determined to stir up drama with one couple.

Eagle-eyed fans have claimed that she show’s latest date with the two brand new bombshells has ‘given away’ producer’s secret plan.


Love Island fans have ‘worked out’ why Jessy dated the show’s new bombshells[/caption]

Fans have claimed producers want to stir up trouble between her and Joey
Neither Reuben nor Josh expressed an interest in Jessy on the unbalanced date

During the latest episode of the ITV2 dating show, fans watched on as Mimii, Uma and Jessy were all sent off to enjoy a date with the show’s two new hunky bombshells.

Joshua and Reuben were both attempting to impress the ladies but it was clear from the start that it was Mimii and Uma that they both had their eyes on.

It became unclear as to why three girls had been picked to date two boys as neither of the new bombshells appeared to gravitate towards stunner Jessy.

Now fans have claimed that she was simply picked to go on the date in the hopes of causing trouble with her solid coupling with Joey Essex.

Joey and Jessy have remained loyal to one another throughout the show and appear to be in things for the long-haul.

However, avid viewers have suggested that the date could have purely been to ruffle Joey and Jessy’s feathers.

Joey even gave a hint that it could have worked as during a debrief with the new bombshells, he was left open-mouthed as they both confessed that the girls expressed how “unhappy” they were with their “current situations”.

Quick to interject, Joey asked: “What, Mimii and Uma?”

With it quickly clarified that it was those two that Josh and Reuben were referring to, Joey let out a sigh of relief.

Commenting on the strange set-up of the date at home, one viewer insisted: “Matilda should have been on that date instead of Jessy but the producers are trying to bring drama around Joey so oh well ….”

Another quickly added: “Can we take a minute to analyse this though – Jessy has no reason to be there it could have been Matilda but the producers just want Joey to have yet another plot.”

A third penned: “They sent Jessy on that date to create another storyline for Joey.”

Before another chimed in to add: “Producers wanted the bombshells to take Jessy on the date just to f*** with Joey lmao.”

So far Joey has enjoyed connections with axed Islander Samantha Kenny as well as his former flame, Grace Jackson.

The former TOWIE star ended things with Samantha in order to pursue a romance with his ex Grace but went on to ditch her in favour of newbie Jessy.

Love Island series 11 – feuds in the villa

No edition of Love Island is complete without its fair share of drama – and series 11 is no different. Here’s a look at some of the most fiery feuds so far.

  • Joey Essex & Samantha Kenny: Samantha entered the villa on Day 1 and was initially coupled with Sam Taylor. However, Samantha was ‘stolen’ by Joey, the first bombshell of series 11. She was ‘dumped’ on Day 16 – with the make-up artist saying she had been brutally snubbed by Joey in the villa – although it never made it to air.
  • Matilda Draper & Jess White: While Matilda arrived as a bombshell on Day 12, Jess was part of the original line-up. The two clashed in Casa Amor, over Jess’ frustration that Matilda was talking to new hunk Hugo Godfroy – who Jess previously snogged.
  • Harriet Blackmore & Jess White: The two women were caught up in a love triangle for much of their time on the programme. The pair were fighting over Ronnie Vint, 27, from Greenwich, who wound up being dumped alongside Harriett.

Reuben appeared to charm Uma on the show

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