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 The real reason pilots keep the plane so cold, according to flight crew – and it’s a good thing

FLIGHT crew have revealed the real reason pilots keep the plane so cold.

Many travellers make sure they pack a jumper due to the chilly conditions onboard an aircraft.


Cool conditions baffle many flyers[/caption]


But there is a very good reason why the plane is often cold inside[/caption]

But now a travel attendant has revealed the real reason pilots ensure the cabin temperature is so chilly.

The attendant, speaking to Readers Digest, said: “Temperature in the cabin is controlled by the pilots.

“So even though travellers often ask to get the temperature turned up during flights, it is kept on the cooler side.

“This is because a cooler cabin helps passengers who are prone to fainting or have motion sickness during turbulence.”

The expert recommended bringing your own sweater or
blanket when flying to be as comfortable as possible.

Meanwhile a travel pro has revealed the best time to arrive at tourist attractions – and why you should never turn up first.

With flight numbers overtaking pre-pandemic levels and tourism on the rise, it’s no shock holidaymakers are being plagued by ever-growing queue times.

To avoid the sea of tourists, some travellers might think it’s wise to pitch up first thing in the morning.

However, research has found more people are taking the same approach.

Tourist destinations and popular attractions are becoming more frequented between 6am and 7am.

A travel pro urged holidaymakers to embark on their journey’s later in the day.

They suggested “getting to the popular places at the opening hour” instead of before – to avoid the manic rush.

“You’ll rarely find yourself in much or if any crowd at all,” they wrote on Reddit.

“I have found myself experiencing super popular sites with few people at all around me!”

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