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Tragic link between Vikings draft pick Khyree Jackson & crash victims Isaiah Hazel & Anthony Lytton after all 3 killed

THE NFL rookie who was killed in a car accident over the weekend had a heartbreaking connection to the two other victims who also died in the tragic collision. 

Minnesota Vikings draftee Khyree Jackson, died early Saturday morning following a brutal car crash in Maryland, after the car he was traveling in was pushed off the road. 


NFL draftee Khyree Jackson died over the weekend in a tragic car accident[/caption]


His high school teammate Isaiah Hazel was also a victim in the crash[/caption]


Anthony Lytton Jr. also died in the accident and was a teammate of Jackson and Hazel at Wise High School in Maryland[/caption]

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The three friends and teammates were struck by another victim traveling at high speeds, forcing their car off the road[/caption]

Jackson, 24, had been traveling with two other men identified as Isaiah Hazel, 23, and Anthony Lytton Jr., 24. 

The three men were all friends and had played football together for years. 

All three attended Dr. Henry A. Wise Jr. High School in Upper Marlboro, Maryland – roughly 30 minutes east of the heart of Washington D.C. 

There, the football teams won several state championships together, the Wise athletics department revealed on X.

Jackson graduated in 2017 while Lytton and Hazel graduated in 2018 and 2019 respectively. 

Dalawn Parrish, a teacher at Wise and former coach to the men, told NBC affiliate WRC-TV that the three had remained friends in the years after they graduated. 

Parrish praised who the former players were, as both men and athletes. 

“Isaiah had an infectious, infectious attitude,” Parrish said. 

“He was extraordinary. Everybody loved being around him.

“A.J. was a phenomenal athlete. You know, he could do anything he wanted,” he went on. 

“Khyree, [his] belief in himself was incredible.”

After graduating from Wise High School, all three men continued to play football in college across the country. 

Lytton played for Florida State and Penn State, where he was a cornerback. 

Hazel played four years of football at the University of Maryland as a defense back, and ultimately finished his college career at UNC Charlotte. 

Meanwhile, Jackson was a starting cornerback for the University of Oregon. 

Isaiah had an infectious, infectious attitude. He was extraordinary. Everybody loved being around him.

Dalawan Parrishteacher at Wise High School and former coach to the three victims

He also played for the University of Alabama and Fort Scott Community College. 

Just months before the tragic accident, Jackson was drafted as a cornerback for the Minnesota Vikings in the 2024 NFL draft. 

Head Coach Kevin O’Connell said he was “crushed” by the news of Jackson’s death. 

“I am absolutely crushed by this news,” O’Connell said in a statement. 

“Khyree brought a contagious energy to our facility. His confidence and engaging personality immediately drew his teammates to him.”


Heartbreaking photos of the crash scene from Saturday show that the vehicle the three friends and former teammates were traveling in was all but ripped apart. 

The Dodge Charger they were in hit several tree stumps after traveling off to the right of the road when the vehicle was hit by another driver, according to police.

The other driver, who was in a silver Infiniti Q50, was allegedly trying to overtake at high speeds.  

The crash resulted in two wheels being separated from the back half of the Dodge Charger, which also had its trunk ripped open. 

The car appeared to be ripped in half, with part of it thrown into the center of the road and all the glass missing from the back windshield. 

Images show the victim’s shoes strewn across the roadway with pieces of the vehicle and other personal belongings scattered around. 

Meanwhile, photos show the Infiniti with little to no damage.

Driver in crash that killed Minnesota Vikings’ Khyree Jackson & 2 others previously stopped for going twice speed limit

THE driver of a car involved in the crash that killed an NFL rookie and his two friends on Saturday morning has two other shocking speeding offenses, records show.

Cori Clingman, 23, was trying to change lanes at speed when she hit the car carrying Minnesota Vikings rookie cornerback Khyree Jackson, cops confirmed to The U.S. Sun.

The car reportedly traveled off the road and hit several tree trunks before coming to a stop.

Jackson, 24, and his high school teammate Isaiah Hazel, 23 – who was driving the Charger they were traveling in – were both pronounced dead at the scene.

Another former teammate, Anthony Lytton Jr., 24, was brought to the University of Maryland Capital Region Medical Center, where he was later pronounced dead.

Clingman was identified by police in a statement as being responsible for the crash.

They also say alcohol may have been a contributing factor in the collision.

Clingman has not been charged pending investigation.

But records seen by The U.S. Sun show the 23-year-old has gotten two speeding tickets for exceeding the speed limit of 55 mph zones, including an incident where she was reportedly traveling twice the limit.

Clingman was first caught in 2018, going 69 mph in a 55 mph zone.

In 2020, police caught Clingman flying through a 55 mph zone at 100 mph.

She served a year of unsupervised probation for her first arrest, but the outcome of the second arrest is unknown.

Police have identified the driver of the Infiniti as Cori Clingman, 23. 

Officials claim Clingman was “driving at a high rate of speed” when she struck the Charger carrying the three teammates. 

Clingman has not yet been charged

Documents reviewed by The U.S. Sun show that the 23-year-old has two other speeding offenses on her record. 

In both cases, Clingman was issued a ticket for exceeding the speed limit in zones of 55 mph.

NBC Washington

Photos show the gut-wrenching scene where their vehicle was ripped apart[/caption]

NBC Washington

The vehicle that struck them did not appear to have much damaged[/caption]

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