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Twitch streamer Sketch forced to address OnlyFans rumors in emotional video after cruel trolls share explicit content

A TWITCH streamer has been forced to address rumors he took part in explicit OnlyFans content after cruel trolls leaked footage.

Sketch, known for producing gaming clips, shared an emotional video with fans that has since gone viral.

Twitch / thesketchreal

A YouTuber has been forced to address rumors he took part in explicit OnlyFans content[/caption]

Twitch / thesketchreal

Sketch shared an emotional video with fans that has since gone viral[/caption]

In a video shared on X, he told followers he had done “some stuff” two years ago.

His admission came just days after allegations that he starred in explicit OnlyFans material surfaced.

Sketch apologized to his fans if they saw the content.

 “I did not have sexual relations with that man,” Sketch said before quickly admitting he was “just kidding.”

“I did. Possibly. Cat’s out of the bag,” he then said.

Sketch rushed to thank his fans who have been supportive.

“I understand if you’re mad,” he added.

“S**t hit the fan.”

Sketch, whose real name is Kylie Cox, then bravely opened up about the addiction problems he was battling.

He then alluded that he had faced suicidal thoughts.

“If I was alone and I was at my house, I probably wouldn’t be talking to you right now,” he said.

And he paid tribute to those who have helped him, name-dropping fellow streamers and hailing his parents.

He also admitted he’s unsure what he’s going to do next.

Sketch said one option is to stream more, while the other is to quit entirely.

Who is Sketch?

Sketch is a streamer that produces content on YouTube, Discord, and TikTok.

He shares content that predominately involves him playing the NFL video game Madden or he’s competing alongside or against fellow YouTubers.

Sketch, real name Kylie Cox, appeared in the trailer for the game Fortnite Reload alongside the streamer Kai Cenat.

His skittish content racks up thousands of views on the internet.

He’s known for his catchphrase ‘What’s up brother’ that has since gone viral.

Sketch first said the phrase while he was on a call with fellow streamer Jynxzi.

He has received an outpouring of support online.

YouTuber and author Mike Majlak said Sketch is a friend.

“Met Sketch a couple [of] months back and have had the blessing of hanging with him a good amount since then,” he posted on X.

“He has an incredible heart, positive energy, and love for life. I hope he continues to be the sweet soul that we all know and love.”

“Sketch was my homie yesterday, he’s my homie today, he’ll be my homie tomorrow,” content creator FaZe Banks said in an X post.

Sketch is known for sharing American football and other video game content.

His YouTube account features several clips that show him playing alongside and competing against fellow internet stars.

Sketch’s original channel has more than 500,000 subscribers and he’s racked up more than 150 million subscribers.

He boasts over two million followers on TikTok and is also a Discord star.

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