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Walking Dead creator hints that another popular series is getting a triple-A video game adaptation

VIDEO games are becoming part of the mainstream, and we’ve seen this increase in recent years with a huge number of crossovers.

The Last of Us and Fallout have both been successfully adapted into TV shows, bringing more popularity than ever before.

Amazon Prime

Invincible could be turned into a video game[/caption]

As more and more properties crossover with different types of media, fans are loving all the ways they can enjoy their favourite characters.

We had the chance to sit down with Skybound CEO David Alpert and co-founder Jon Goldman at Gamescom Latam, and they were happy to talk about future gaming crossovers.

Best known for comics, Skybound has since branched out into other entertainment platforms.

It’s most popular IP is The Walking Dead, a graphic novel which was adapted into an award-winning TV and gaming series.

While The Walking Dead is one of Netflix’s most popular shows, the latest gaming tie-in, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, hasn’t seen the same success.

As a VR game, there’s a much smaller player base, and it’s not been as popular as the Telltale series, despite its quality.

This hasn’t deterred Skybound from adapting its comics into games, as the studio is looking to hire more developers.

Goldman tells us: “There are leaks out there that we could be working on a big game.

“We’re hiring people from the video game industry. So keep watching and supporting the IP [Invincible], you will be rewarded.”

Alpert adds: “There’s been a lot of tremendous video game talent joining Skybound recently to work on a really cool project.”

Invincible has already been adapted into an Amazon Prime animated series, but Skybound is teasing a triple-A game coming as well.

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