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Walmart overcharged us on an item we didn’t buy and refuse to refund us until we show receipt – but we don’t have one

A WALMART shopper has said he was overcharged $9.48 for a fish hook he did not buy.

The customer complained online about his horrible experience, which received a number of supportive comments including one which said they “despise Walmart.”

Prince Frederick, Maryland USA Dec 1, 2023 The entrance to the Walmart department store.
A shopper leaves Walmart after doing her groceries.
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“CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS AT WALMART… we were overcharged $9.48 for a fish hook that we did not buy,” he said.

“…we were told we had to have the fish hook before we could be refunded…Duh…..So we did not get our money back.”

He wondered if he was the only one with this experience, or if this was part of a larger trend.

“….how many times a day do they rip people off…” he said.

One commenter joked: “Who has the fish hook?”

“Well…not us!!!!! What fish hook cost $10. ????? We did not buy it!!!!!!” he replied.

Another user said the shopper may have been scammed.

“That is a very expensive fish hook! All it takes is a tag. Have them look up on video, something sounds fishy! I think you’ve been scammed!” she said.

The U.S. Sun reached out to Walmart for comment.

The retail giant has been accused of overcharging before, which at times led to settlement cases.

Just earlier this year, Walmart settled a $45 million case that accused the retailer of overcharging fruits in mesh bags, as well as meat and seafood.

Eligible shoppers could get up to $500 in direct payments.

The U.S. Sun has written about other consumer experiences with being overcharged by Walmart. 

A Walmart shopper got overcharged in Colorado by $85. The store said it was just a “slip of the finger.”

Another shopper, this time in Missouri, urged others to double-check their receipts. She got charged for four extra energy drinks she didn’t buy.

What to do if you’re overcharged

If you are overcharged at a retailer, there are a few ways to get your money back.

If you noticed you were charged more than the advertised or posted price, report it to an employee or manager.

Make sure to keep your receipt to show the price difference.

As a shopper, you are entitled to the lowest advertised, posted or quoted price offered by the store.

If you are charged more than the advertised, posted or quoted a price, report it to the sales clerk right away. If the sales clerk can’t help, speak to the manager.

Stores must honor a posted price, even if the price has expired.

You are also able to dispute charges with your bank if you notice something suspicious on your statement.

According to Los Angeles County Consumer& Business Affairs

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