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Watch Roy Keane tell Gary Neville ‘you shouldn’t say that’ after bringing up his dislike of former Man Utd team-mate

ROY KEANE told Gary Neville off for bringing up Teddy Sheringham during a game.

The two Manchester United legends were filming a bit in which they guessed their former team-mates from clues.


Gary Neville brought up Teddy Sheringham in front of Roy Keane[/caption]


Keane told Neville off for saying he ‘didn’t like him’[/caption]

Neville had to see if Keane could guess Sheringham, and his first clue was, “You didn’t like him”.

He then added: “That could be anybody. Jeez I have a list.”

To which Keane hit back and said: “No, you shouldn’t say that I didn’t like him.”

The Irishman then correctly guessed the retired striker very quickly.

He added: “No, that’s wrong, I didn’t mind Teddy.

“I just didn’t get on with him. We had a fallout.

“It is just working.”

Sheringham had an infamous feud with fellow Man United star Andy Cole between 1995 and 2018.


They hit a boiling point after the Red Devils conceded a reckless goal in Sheringham’s debut season.

Sheringham blamed Cole for the goal, which led to a bust-up that Keane got involved in.

Keane apparently told him to “go back to London” during an expletive-laden tirade.

Sheringham claimed that Keane did not speak to him for “three and a half years” after the scrap.

He said: “We had a fall out, Keaney turned around said, ‘Why don’t you f**k off back to London with your f*****g Ferrari and your penthouse?’

“And he turned around and grabbed my tie and everyone jumped in and stopped it, saying: ‘What’s happening, what’s happening?’

“He didn’t say a word to me. He didn’t say a word to me for the next three-and-a-half years.”

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