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WATCH: Streamer Sketch’s Gay Onlyfans Pictures and Videos Leaked and Went Viral On Twitter, Reddit, Gets Support From Antonio Brown Other Streamers

Twitch streamer Sketch Gets Support From Antonio Brown Who Earlier Called Sketch ‘Fa**ot’ Amid Gay OnlyFans Allegations

Twitch streamer Sketch, whose real name is Kylie Cox, was recently in the news due to a social media controversy. What is the whole episode and why Antonio Brown, who had earlier called Sketch a ‘fa**ot’, is now supporting the streamer? Read on to know the whole episode.

As mentioned above, Kylie Cox is in the news for the wrong reasons, and the genesis can be traced to a social media controversy. Recently, Some inappropriate pictures and videos of Sketch indulging in gay activities got leaked and went viral across different social media platforms like Twitter, and Reddit, and the streamer is now being labeled as homosexual.

At first, NFL star Antonio Brown made fun of the episode but later solidly came behind the streamer and extended his support to the Twitch star.

Sketch commands a phenomenal fanbase enamored by his exceptional Madden NFL gameplay.

ESPN presenters often borrow his punchline “What’s up, brother?”.

His gaming streams have also brought him close to various NFL stars.

He also has millions of followers/subscribers on prominent social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok.

Antonio Brown’s opposite reactions to Sketch’s Gay OnlyFans content getting leaked and viral

When the images and videos became viral and wild rumors about Sketch started spreading, NFL star Antonio Brown, a person who always loved to stoke controversy, was not found wanting this time.

The Super Bowl LV champion jumped into the melee and shot a controversial statement: “Fa**ot of the Day”, on his X handle.

The post was not liked by many Sketch fans who flocked to the post to lash out at the NFL star, further fueling the issue.

Not contending with this, Brown also posted a meme about the allegations on Kylie Cox.

However, the former NFL player has now toned down his comments and began to support the Twitch streamer.

Brown wrote on “My page comedy & entertainment,” and revealed that he talked with Sketch in the morning. “Jokes are jokes, but making sure his mental health is good,”

The NFL Pro Bowler also admitted that knowing what people are going through is impossible.

Brown’s climb-down and support for Kylie Cox have been appreciated by fans, and one fan wrote

“Media will never show you the good side of this guy,”

Another fan commented,

“If you aren’t lying, salute, that says a lot about your character,”

However, Brown’s action has left many confused, and they are surprised by the sudden change of heart, something they have never seen before coming from the NFL player.

Many content creators have asked fans to give the NFL Madden player some privacy.

“First of all, whether Sketch is gay, bi (bisexual), or straight, why the fuck do you care what another man does?” wrote Louis, aka LosPollosTV.

Actually on July 8, pictures of Sketch engaging in sexual acts with other men began to spread on Twitter. The source of these images is unclear, and a debate started if the pictures were authentic.

However, the Twitch streamer talking about the July 8 stream said,

“That’s me. 2 years ago, I did some stuff, I’m sorry if you’ve seen some of the stuff.”

Sketch also revealed that at a certain stage of his life, he was making Gay OnlyFans content. However, he added that he is a changed person now.

Sketch was uneasy during the stream but returned to his jovial self and quoted the former US President Bill Clinton’s take on the Monica Lewinsky affair.

“I did not have sexual relations with that man,”

Sketch quips.

“Just kidding, I did… possibly.”

Sketch Thanked The Fans Who Still Support Him

Sketch was forthright and added,

“The cat’s out of the bag. I was dealing with some addiction problems. A couple of them. Thank you to all my people who have been sticking up for me,”

Sketch also received support from many notable streaming personalities like McNasty, Kai Cenat, and Tfue, and all have expressed support for him.

Kai Cenat-

Maxo Kream-


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