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We bought a plain bowl on our honeymoon for $400 – experts say detail makes it ‘extraordinary’ and worth $20,000

A NEWLYWED purchased a bowl and two decades later found that an unusual detail meant it was worth thousands.

The unidentified woman took her prized honeymoon possession to an Antiques Roadshow event in Fortworth, Texas in 2017.


Over 20 years after her honeymoon, a woman discovered the true value of a bowl she bought while away in Hawaii[/caption]


The newlywed purchased a wooden bowl for $400 believing it was a creation of the Pacific Northwest[/caption]

She purchased the wooden bowl 22 years earlier while on her honeymoon to the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

Believing it was from the Pacific Northwest, the woman paid $400 for it.

Little did she know that decades later she would discover its true value.

Appraiser Anthony Slayter-Ralph revealed that the bowl was most likely made of spruce and was created by Native Alaskans between the 1780s and early 1800s.

The expert noted that the aged wooden bowl had an “extraordinary” feature that he had never seen before.

At the top of the piece was a hollowed-out face that looked almost like a small handle.

“It’s quite extraordinary. I mean, I have never seen, and my colleagues also, one that has this head fixed on the top,” Slayter-Ralph said.

“The Eskimos don’t really do decorative art. Everything they do has a function.

“And they also believed that each of these objects has a spirit in it, the yua, and I think that the head probably represents the spirit of the bowl.” 

“I mean, maybe this is meant to look like a mask and this is the body,” he added.

“One is inclined to think that it would be ceremonial…we don’t really know.”

He added that the back of the face had been hollowed out as if it was a “mask in miniature”.

Despite its age and some damage that had been repaired at some point in the bowl’s history, the owner was stunned to learn its true value.

Slayter Ralph estimated that the bowl was worth between $18,000 and $20,000.

However, if additional research was carried out, it could be sold for much more at an auction, he said.

“Oh my goodness. Oh my Lord,” the woman exclaimed as tears came to her eyes.

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Appraiser Anthony Slayter-Ralph called the small decorative face an ‘extraordinary’ feature he had never seen before, adding to the bowl’s value[/caption]


The expert told the Antiques Roadshow guest that her bowl was worth around $20,000[/caption]

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