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‘We don’t do things for money,’ says Michael Strahan as NFL icon opens up on Erin Andrews and Snoop Dogg career ventures

TV personality Michael Strahan operates his production company like a family.

The NFL great founded SMAC Entertainment in 2010 and boasts an A-list set of clients, including Snoop Dogg and Erin Andrews.

In Depth with Graham Bensinger

Michael Strahan has become a huge figure on TV[/caption]


Strahan helped Snoop Dogg land the Joker’s Wild show[/caption]


Erin Andrews is another of Strahan’s clients, as well as a colleague on Fox[/caption]

Strahan, 52, says the secret to his success is choosing relationships over money.

“Between GMA and 100,000 pyramid and and the clothing company at JCPenney and the production company the all the the Joker’s Wild we do with Snoop we wanted to grow it,” he told In Depth with Graham Besinger when asked about his goals.

“And then with Wiz (Khalifa), Tony Gonzalez, Deion (Sanders), Erin Andrews, and Curt Menefee, we want to just build businesses off of who they are, things that are organic to them. You don’t do it for money.

“We don’t do things for money. You can have your clients, somebody can write them a big cheque. If it doesn’t fit them, we won’t do it.

“Sometimes it’s hard to understand even for the client because sometimes I was that client to go, ‘It’s a lot of money.’

“But if they don’t get paid, we don’t get paid, and we always try to make sure their best interest is what we’re after, not our own.

“I think when you do build friendships in a family environment, which is what we have at our company, that’s what we always hope to maintain.”

Strahan also revealed his in-depth pregame routine from during his NFL career.

The New York Giants Hall of Famer had a set ritual before taking the field.

“My pregame was cool, I liked it,” Strahan explained.

“I had a whole routine of doing stuff. Everything was in an order.

“Get there at a certain time, lay out my uniform, put things on in a certain order at a certain time.

“Everything was perfectly timed out.”

Something Strahan was extra particular about was his socks.

“One of my things was I would look at my socks,” he added.

Michael Strahan’s NFL career

Michael Strahan is one of the most recognizable faces on television.

But he came into his media career off the back of a hugely successful stint in the NFL.

Strahan spent 14 years all with the New York Giants from 1993 to 2007.

He was a seven-time Pro Bowler and helped them win the Super Bowl in 2007 – ending the New England Patriots’ hopes of a perfect season.

Strahan was also a two-time NFL sacks leader and also won Defensive Player of the Year.

The ex-Giants star set the single-season sack record with 22.5 in 2001 – a feat which was matched by J.J. Watt exactly 20 years later.

He is one of the best defensive stars to have ever played the game – finishing with 141.5 career sacks and 854 tackles.

“Not verbally go, ‘Hey which foot do you want to be on today?’ Like I didn’t speak out loud to my socks because my teammates would’ve thought I was nuts.

“But I would look at my socks and think ‘Hmm, which foot would you like today?’ They’d debate sometimes.

“Then I would get the game program.

“As the years went on, I even learned myself, football players try to look mean in a game program.

“They try to look so mean. But if you look at somebody in the game program and you hear they may be mean and they look like this (while smiling), a mean person smiling is an insane person.

“So I’d be in the program like doing glamour shots.”

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