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Where is Greg Abbott? What we know about the Texan Governor’s whereabouts

TEXAS Governor Greg Abbott is currently not in the Lone Star State as Hurricane Beryl brings nature’s wrath to the state.

Residents in coastal communities in Texas are evacuating while a disaster declaration has been issued for 121 counties.


Rain and swells from Hurricane Beryl approach homes along Surfside Beach, Texas[/caption]

Who is Greg Abbott?

Greg Abbott is the Governor of Texas, having held the position since 2015.

He has built a profile with combative policies towards the Federal government, immigration, and abortion.

Where is Greg Abbott?

Greg Abbott is currently in East Asia as he carries out an economic development mission to Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan.

The Governor announced the opening of a Texas-Taiwan Office during a press event in Taipei.

He left the state on July 5 and will return on July 13.

Hurricane Beryl brought 80mph winds as it hit the coast northeast of Corpus Christi at about 4am when it made landfall.

Abbott’s absence leaves Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick in charge.

Patrick said in a statement as the record-breaking storm approached the state: “As Acting Governor, I’ve been in constant communication with Texas state agencies and local leaders to coordinate preparations and response, and I will continue to do so.”

Abbott’s visit comes two years after Nancy Pelosi visited the island off the coast of China while Speaker of the US House.

In a statement, Abbott said: “Texas and Taiwan are critical economic partners that seek to drive the future of innovation.

“I am announcing two key initiatives that will help bolster our economic relationship and foster unprecedented prosperity for our two peoples.

“Both initiatives—an economic agreement and a new State of Texas Taiwan Office—will strengthen the economic and cultural relationship between Texas and Taiwan.

“By working together, we will ensure our people have the freedom and opportunity to thrive in the growing economies of the 21st century.”

The Texas Governor has also previously met with the former President of Taiwan in 2017 when Tsai visited the U.S.

Texas Governors Office

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Taiwan Economic Affairs Minister Jyh-Huei Kuo sign an agreement[/caption]

On this trip to Taiwan he also met with the new president, Lai Ching-te.

Taiwan is critical to U.S. business’ supply chains as the island is a world leader in semiconductor chips – a vital component in computers used across society.

Opening an economic office will increase the ability for Texans and Taiwanese to do business together.

But China claims the island as its own and authoritarian President Xi Jinping has declared he wants it back.

China regularly carries out drills encircling the island – threatening to blockade it and possibly even invade.

Dubbed “punishment” operations, Beijing has warned they can “seize power” from Taipei with ease if they continue to be challenged by the Taiwanese government.

China has lurked around Taiwan for decades now – with threats of an invasion ramping up in recent months.

Beryl had weakened as it passed through the Gulf of Mexico, but then strengthened as it approached the coast.

The storm left a trail of destruction and death in parts of Mexico and the Caribbean.

Twitter/Greg Abbott

Abbott enjoyed a welcome dinner for the Texas delegation[/caption]

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