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Winn-Dixie closing another store days after second location shuttered – but customers insist ‘it’s not surprising’

WINN-DIXIE has shuttered another location, but customers said it wasn’t a surprising announcement.

Many shoppers were fully aware of the closure though no official announcement has been made by the company.


A Winn-Dixie location is reportedly closing in Florida at the end of July[/caption]


The grocer has closed multiple locations after its parent company was bought by Aldi in March[/caption]

Winn-Dixie is reportedly closing its location in Lakeland, Florida — about 36 miles from Tampa, according to a Facebook post.

A closing banner has also been placed on the store, according to another Facebook post.

There are swirling rumors from locals that the location is becoming an Aldi.

This assumption would line up with other closures and a recent merger between the companies.

On March 7, Aldi bought the parent company of Winn-Dixie and Harveys Supermarkets, Southern Easetern Grocerns Inc.

“With the acquisition of Winn-Dixie and Harveys Supermarkets, Aldi will serve even more communities in the Southeast, bringing us closer to our customers in a region where we’ve already experienced significant demand for affordable, quality groceries,’ Aldi CEO Jason Hart said in the news release, per Jacksonville Daily Record.

Aldi plans to convert 50 Winn-Dixie and Harveys Supermarkets in late 2024.

They will reopen as Aldi locations in 2025.

However, the company has not announced which specific stores will be making the transition.


Shoppers have been long aware of the company’s purchase and have expected the change.

“Aldi’s bought all the Winn-Dixies so it’s not surprising,” a customer wrote under the post.

Many customers were told by employees of the location about the impending closure.

“One of the employees told us two weeks ago it was closing July 27 in preparation [for] becoming an Aldi,” a shopper.

Another person affirmed the closing date, responding, “Correct.”

Store closure roundups

MAJOR retail stores across the country are set to close thousands of stores.

  • Around 150 Macy’s stores are set to close across the US over three years.
  • Walgreens announced earlier this year that around 150 locations in the US will be closing.
  • Dollar Tree bosses have announced a slew of closures, including 600 Family Dollar shops. These will close this year.
  • Walmart has seen several store closures already this year. Supermarkets in El Cajon, California, and Columbus, Ohio, have closed.
  • supermarket in Fremont, California, will close on May 24.
  • A Walmart Neighborhood Market outlet in Granite Bay, California, closed in April.
  • Best Buy bosses confirmed 24 stores closed during the company’s 2024 financial year.
  • At least 100 Express stores are to close after the chain filed for bankruptcy.
  • An Ulta store in the San Francisco Bay Area is set to close

“Two of the store clerks told us that it’s converting to an Aldi, closing sometime at the end of this month,” said a user.

“Yes, I received an email saying it would reopen as an Aldi,” said another.

“Winn-Dixie will turn into an Aldi store,” wrote a person.

One shopper said the store was having a closing sale.

“As of this morning, all of the personal items are 40% off, along with some other things. Definitely worth checking out,” they wrote.


Winn-Dixie plans to close its Metairie location in the suburb of New Orleans, Louisiana.

An employee told The U.S. Sun the last day of business was July 7.

Before its closing, the store had sales for up to 50% off goods.

Winn-Dixie did not respond immediately to The U.S. Sun’s emails and calls for confirmation and comment.

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